Thursday, October 16, 2014

I love flowers.

For some reason, I have been really tired this week. And for the first time in forever...or pretty close to forever, when I called Shilhi to ask if she needed me to come in to Passion Roots today, I was hoping that she would say that she didn't need me so that I could just go home and just knock out. I must have been extremely tired because I LOVE that job and I always look forward to my next day working with an amazing staff and gorgeous, extremely beautiful flowers. And she did tell me that she didn't need me and a part of me was sad because I wanted to go in and just be with people who always seem to make the world a little bit better when you are in their presence.

Less than 5 minutes later, Shilhi texted me and said that actually YES, they did need me because she didn't realize that there was going to be a lot of flowers that were going to come in that needed processing. I know that a lot of people do not like processing...but I actually do like to process flowers.

When the flowers come in, they are in boxes. A lot of boxes; sometimes so daunting because it seems like the flowers will never end...but they have been without water and without care for at least a day and when you first take them out, they look nearly dead and you think to yourself..."Ew, really?! We're going to use these dead things?!" But I know better now, because that is why we process the flowers. I love getting the opportunity to watch the flowers come back to life and fill the studio with so much happiness! I am so not joking! If ever you are in the should stop by because it's probably the closest to magic that you might experience. Well, no I take that back...but pretty close. :)

Today when I got to the studio, Shilhi was busy doing the finishing touches to these ridiculously amazing centerpieces. They were full of textures, colors, beauty! The colors alone just made me not want to look away! While she was doing these centerpieces, Ivy was creating these gorgeous, lush, chair swags for the bride and groom made out of silver dollar eucalyptus leaves, lemon leaves, and accents of gorgeous orchids. And I had the honor of processing, if I remember correctly, 9 boxes of flowers: beautiful, bright, yellow roses, hydrangeas, and, lots and lots of gorgeous smelling lilies.

These flowers just added to the ridiculous colors that the studio had already from the wedding that that Ivy and Shilhi were currently doing. They were preparing for two events and it was just color everywhere.

Ironically enough, I was just discussing flowers with a friend of mine who is getting married next year. She was having difficulties trying to figure out what kind of flowers that she wanted at her wedding. I suggested to her to look up proteas (although they are beautiful, not one of my favorite flowers) because it seemed like she was looking for flowers that had a protea's characteristic. So of course when I walked into the studio I noticed that we had a single protea waiting to be used. So I quickly snapped a picture of it to send to my friend. She replied back that she had never seen that kind of flower before but it is now on her list of flowers that she will consider to have at her wedding. We used the particular beauty for a single arrangement that we are donating for a race that will be held tomorrow. I don't remember what race it was, but I'm bummed that I forgot to take a picture of it.

My friend Ashley has been having a hard week this week and so when I saw these orchids...these bright and happy looking orchids, I decided to also send her a picture of them...they are her most favorite flowers and I knew that she could use a cheer me up types of thing and so I sent her pictures of the orchids that Shilhi was using for her arrangement.

While Ivy and I was was putting these arrangements in the refrigerator, we were commenting on how huge, lushful, and gorgeous the colors went together! Whoever the bride is, I hope she is happy with this arrangement, because from the arrangements alone, I can tell that she is has a very vibrant kind of personality! :)

I am glad that they needed me tonight. I always leave the workplace with a happy heart and I'm not as tired as I thought that I was. But I think it's time to call it a night for now. Sweet dreams all! :)