Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Well, that was a good power nap! I woke up and felt so bad that I forgot to mention how happy I was for my sister and her hubby in my last post! But today is my sister and her husbands 6th year anniversary! I am so happy for them two! They met my first year in college which is more than 10 years ago now! I really that old! But they got married in 2008...and so this year makes it 6th year married and I couldn't be more happy for my sister!

They gave me and amazing DollGirl and another one is on his way! I am so happy for my sister...she did good. *laughs*...But seriously, she really did. I always tell her that one day I hope that I will be able to give her a brother-in-law that she can also call a brother and that she can count on the way that I see Kuya Neal as my brother. I can only hope for a love like theirs. They are SO good for each other...and I am super excited for them and their future. 

I am so glad that I moved here with them 4 years has brought me closer to my sister and brothers and I love my family. Congratulations you two...I am SUPER happy for you! :)