Sunday, October 5, 2014


I worked super late last night and then I just got home just a few minutes ago...and before I knocked out, I wanted to post up some of the beautiful flowers that I got to work with! These are pictures from last night and also this morning.

We had the privilege to design two wedding today...and wow, both weddings were full of color and just so beautiful and happy looking! What am I saying, nearly all the weddings that I've work have always been so unique and gorgeous! :) I so love my Passion Roots job! I am so blessed to be able to work with amazing people. Even though we all have our own special jobs with the company, I love when we are all together...because my boss, Shilhi (who is also like a sister to me...well, IS a sister to me!) makes sure before she hires anyone that we would all get together. One thing that I love about her is that she has an eye for potential in people. She is an amazing person to talk to, and she is just an amazing person to work with. She takes the time for you out of her busy schedule...and she is one of the most genuine person I know! AND she is SUPER talented and totally humble about it. I love how she loves to share her work with anyone who is willing to learn. She is pretty amazing. Everyone at my job is pretty amazing. Like I said, I love my job.

Well, since I'm pretty tired this time around, I will just go ahead a post some of the pictures that I was able to take and then take a nap so that I can do some things before going to my other job tomorrow!

Isn't this simply GORGEOUS! I love the colors! I love the texture! I even love the gold container that we used for the arrangement! The colors are just so happy looking...and I adore roses and orchids! :)

Like I said earlier...we were doing two weddings at the same time...and this pieces just took my breath away! Look how happy those yellows are! :)

Oh can you be sad when you are around such beautiful flowers! :)

The textures are amazing...!

And here is the place where all the magic is created. I love creating. I love flowers. I love my job. :)