Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Golden Rule

I love how every Wednesday, there is a Thrift Store that the church that holds that preschool that I work at. I have been working here for a little more than a month and I have not yet until today gone to check the place out. One thing that I like about this place is if you say that it is for the preschool then it is for free. That is really nice of them. 

But today, I was trying to look to see if I can find things that I can use as crafts and arts for my preschool kids. I did find a lot of things that I could use, but I wanted to just look for today. I did buy something though. Something for my favorite little DollGirl. We have costume day at the end of this month here at the school and I was planning to be a bumblebee because things have been SUPER busy this month....just like a bumblebee busy, always buzzing around...and look what little costume that I found for my little Gumball.

I am going to ask my sister if  I can have a fun photoshoot with DollGirl when she wears this one and I wear my homemade bumblebee costume. I'll ask Mandy if she can do the shoot because she is pretty talented with the camera. :)

I really am excited to see my lil one in this cute costume! I also saw a ladybug costume just like this one...but I really like this bee costume. Yep, I'm super excited. :)

I still want to keep in the pumpkin theme this month until we go to our field trip. We will be going to the Pumpkin Patch tomorrow...and I am SUPER excited! I have not yet been to the Pumpkin Patch here in Hawai'i yet...and I am SO excited! But today, I gave the children an outline of a pumpkin and then gave them a black piece of paper and told them to cut out the shapes that they want for their Jack o' Lanturn faces. And they did really well! We can use a little more practice on our cutting skills...but overall, I'm proud of them. And because they love the "pretties"...I gave them the option whether or not that they can use it...and of course, I didn't have to give them that option because they WILL use it. :)

One thing that I have been super proud of my kids is that they really do get the Golden Rule. Here in this school, one thing that I absolutely love is that they encourage "Monthly Value"...and that is a character, value, or something or not that we enforce for the month with the kids. We do encourage them to practice Christian values at all time...but each month we really point out and enforce a "special" value for the month. This month is the Golden Rule: Do until others as you would have them do unto you. And I am SO very proud of the, because I can not ever begin to tell you about how much they understand this. They use their words more..."I don't like that, it makes me sad..." And then when I watch them as they try not to make other's sad because they don't like being sad. I love working with kids because of this innocence that they have...they are such sponges and they are so eco-centric...and they are beginning to see that in order for them to be happy they need to make other's happy. And I love that.

I decided to go and visit my former work today to see how my friends are doing there. I do talk to them nearly everyday...but I wanted to see Nicole. I heard some very sad news...and I wanted to make sure that she is doing okay. I know that it is my former job...but if I can I wouldn't mind helping out. Nicole is an amazing person and an amazing friend. I was there for awhile, but when I was there a lot of people where needing to talk to her...and so I spent time with her daughter...she is such a little poser! I have a million pictures that she took on my phone and a lot of her posing! She should be a lil model with the way that she poses! But she had this cute little toy with her and it reminded me of the little popple toys that I had when I was younger! It as a little toy that folded in a was cute!

It was good to see everyone again. I love and miss my lil keikis...but its so good to see that they are adjusting great with out me. Wow, that hurt to, but it is good. They are doing great...but it still warms my heart that they come running up to me when I come over...but they aren't giving their current teachers a hard time now. So that is good.