Thursday, October 2, 2014


I saw this really cute poem online that I wanted the kids to learn. It's about covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze...and so I wrote it out on a piece of paper...and it went like this:

Cover you cough,
Cover your sneeze,
This is the way 
We stay healthy, please!

One thing that I have noticed about this group of kids, is that they have not had the opportunities to exercise their imagination when it does to art. They still are in that stage where they are scribbling. So I really wanted them to learn how to put meaning in their writing, even if it's just drawing their face, a flower, a picture. 

So with that in mind, I have encouraged them to draw faces on a circular piece of paper. Even then, I had to explain to them how to draw a face..."where are your eyes, how about your nose...what other things do you find on your face?! Could you draw that?!" I know that it will take time, but I have no doubt that they will get it. 

So I do try to provide them with opportunities that they can draw, actually draw. I think that they are actually getting now that I want them to draw a picture...because although I have no problem with scribbles because that is where it all starts, I know that they have the capabilities that they can actually draw a picture. I think they also need to be giving time to just paint...with no direction, but what they want to draw...and actual picture that tells a story. They are old enough to be able to do that. So that is what I'm working on with them.

They did a pretty good job with this project. I usually like doing open-ended part projects...but for now, I need them to learn to actually draw...instead of always just scribbling to get it down with as fast as they can. 

They really wanted me to do one...and I did have an extra of the project because one of my kids was not able to come into I told them that I would only draw the things that they told me to I drew the different things things that they told me to draw.

I do not like making an example for my kids to copy, but I did do mine after everyone was done and they told me what to draw...I do like how they are proud of their work though...they want me to post their art up around my room. I know that they had a hard time with letting me do that during the first month, because they wanted to take their artwork home. But now they want to show off their work...and have it decorate the room. So that is good. :)

Well, I know that this month, we have a lot of weddings...and I know that I'll be working a lot with Passion Roots...but no complains...I need to bring in that extra dough for the holidays! *laughs*...but today, I did a LOT of processing of the flowers!

When I talk to my friends and they ask me what is so important about processing the flowers...why can't I just work with what I just get...because we get our flowers overseas and they have most likely been out of water for at least a day, and basically we need to get them revived and open for when we use them. Ideally, it would be nice if our flowers were processed 6+ hours before we will actually use them. Most times we like to let them sit for at least a day to get them to their full potential.

This is how it looks like when we first get the flowers. Just boxes and boxes of bunches of flowers (obviously, these ones are roses). We try to process them as soon as we get them...the faster they get into water and properly processed, the better our chances are that we will work with amazing flowers the next day or in a few hours...

I like the get the same flowers out as much as I can...and then we stripe most, but not all the leaves...slant cut the bottom of the roses...(and in this case) quick the roses for about 30 seconds before putting them in water...

Each type of flower has their own special way to be processed to get them to be at their full potential. I personally like processing flowers. Especially after a long day...coming into an AC room with just bunches of beautiful flowers and just watching them come out of their box all closed up and looking about to die...and then even in just one or two hours, you can see the flowers open and look alive. It's just so beautiful. Something about flowers just makes me smile.

I love flowers. My favorite flowers are the little unknown Billy Balls...but roses...any kine roses...just makes me smile. I think that they can smell like candy! *laughs*....and today working with all these beautiful roses just made me smile....and we all know that I love the color PINK! :)