Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fit Tea.

Look what I got in the mail today! I am actually excited to start this...

So, last week I was talking to Ashley and she asked me if I would try something with her. I told her it all depends on what it was...and if it wasn't harming anyone or myself...I would. Then she told that she wanted me to try this Fit Tea detox thingy with her to help her stay motivated and just so that she can have someone to do it with. 

I have to say that I have never really tried any kind of "loosing weight" program thingy...well, no, I take that back...long time ago when I was still in Jr. High...my mom wanted me to join Weight Watchers...which helped me loose weight, but I was very active in sports back then and I did have that eating problem (dark past that I don't really like to revisit if I don't have to)...but I think it was more because my mom wanted me to get in the habit of actually eating again...but that is a different story...but that was the only weight "loss" thingy that I've ever tried. Other than than, I would just do the whole exercise and try to eat more healthy dealio...but, my mom actually wanted me to go on a detox/juicing diet thingy with her. But I like food...and I like to eat...and I do have the biggest sweet tooth ever! But I also know that if I wanted to, I can be "more healthy"...but I would need a lot of motivation, moral support, and a very good reason. 

I do want to do the whole juicing/detox thingy just because I know that it's healthy and I do want to get in better shape before my brother gets married. I have been running and boxing more...and I am force myself to be more aware of what I eat. I still love my smoothies and I always tell myself to eat salad everyday. So I am more conscious of healthy eating and all. But juicing is SO expensive! I know that is just an excuse or whatever you want to call it...but it is what it is. I am a teacher...a preschool teacher and we get JUNK PAY...and I would go broke in a quick second if I had to buy fruits constantly to juice it. Coz if I could have it my way, I would eat all the fruit ever! I love fruit...apples are my favorite..I LOVE all kine berries...I can eat dragon fruit all day long, mangoes...oh my days, I love mangoes and I miss, SUPER miss white nectarine! That is one thing that I'm sad about living here in Hawai'i...the fruit here are so mad expensive! I kick myself now for taking for granted all the fruit that surrounded me when I was growing up in CA! We a kickass garden with fruit trees of all kind...and a vegetable garden with the best tomatoes ever! And cucumbers...oh mandope...I would LOVE to have a garden like that again! I remember always climbing and just reading up in the apple trees and peach trees in my backyard. And I could always just reach across and grab me some plum...oh my goodness plum! I LOVE plums! So yeah, I'm not against juicing, it's just...if money was not an issue, I would do it. But it is an issue and it is something that I would probably have to save for and not do for long amounts of time. 

So, when Ash asked me if I would do this detox thingy with her...I said, "why not?!" It's only a 28 or so day thing...and in the grand scheme of life...it's only a drop in the bucket...and so why not?! I think that we have decided that we will start on Sunday, if not sooner...but I have yet to tell Ash that I finally got it! :) At least we can start on the beginning of a new week...and we'll do it do together. 

I got the Super Fit Tea pack from here. And this pack came with everything that you see in that above picture. One thing that I looked at was that all the ingredients was natural and I am always drinking tea anyways...and so that is a good thing...I don't have to change that. I have to get used to taking the pills 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch though...I'm not the biggest fan on taking pills...and if I can help me I don't take pills for ANYTHING...but it can try it. 

The reviews that I have read said that the tea was a pleasant taste...and like I said, I love my tea! I have a pretty impressive collection of tea, but my #1 favorite tea is Irish Breakfast (with milk and sugar!) :) That and Peach Ginger tea are my go-to tea. (I still love my cup of black coffee in the morning though :)). 

I think the thing that sold me on this detox thingy is that it's basically tea...and I love tea.

The only thing that I could do with out is the stevia. (And we all know that I don't like CORN! *laughs* But it won't kill me to consume that!) I'm not the biggest fan of stevia...but in moderation, I guess it's okay. And...HONEY POWDER?! I have never heard of that before...but it's powdered honey, I guess. Can't go wrong with that...just it sounds weird. I love honey. :)

Well, I'm excited for this...we will see how it goes. I'll talk to Ashley and it will be pretty cool to document this journey of this Fit Tea Detox tea. Hopefully, it will be a good experience...can't hurt, can it?! :)