Monday, October 20, 2014

"F" is for fall.

Lately I have been feeling really antsy. I know the first thing that people will tell me is the I probably have "island fever"...but I know that I don't. I absolutely love it here...and I consider this place my home now. Don't get me wrong, California will always have a special place in my heart and I will always call it home. But Oahu is home now...and I think that even though I believe that I have a wondering soul, Oahu is home. If ever I do get an opportunity again to travel, my home base would most likely be here in Oahu.

But I have been itching to travel again...and hopefully I'll get the chance to soon.

Today was picture day in school and it was pretty chaotic...but not as chaotic as some picture days that I've been to, but chaotic enough. It was kind of confusing since we have children who only come in Tuesday and Thursday. But we got through it, and Karlie who was in there the whole time said that everyone but one child was took really good pictures.

I really like this photographer. Her name is Nicky and she is really nice. She is Christian and she was telling Allie and me her story of how she started and how she said that it was God's will for her to do this since she was a preschool teacher at first. She was the one who took pictures at me previous school and she remembers Finley. I don't think that I will ever forget that angel and I was thinking about her the other day, and it is nearing her anniversary date of when she first went into a coma. I hope her mother is doing okay...she is a very brave women and I can't imagine how she is feeling at the moment. But I do know that she is a strong woman. And she will always be in my heart because she lost her angel and I know that she will forever have the hole in her heart because of it.

Today we did several arts and crafts projects to keep the children occupied with we were all taking turns taking pictures. We did a mini circle time today and we are learning to recognize the letter "F" or at least review it for the children that already know about this letter. One of the things that I told parents last week during our parent/teacher conference is that I have noticed that a lot of the children have yet to develop and strengthen their fine motor skills and patience.

I have noticed that they like to rush things and so when I did for this first project was first have them help me cut red, yellow, and orange construction paper as small as they can get it. They are actually doing well with cutting, there are a few who still need to learn the art of holding the paper and cutting at the same time...but for the most part they are doing well with their cutting. I did notice though that they need more work on guided, I actually don't know what the term is, but more work on cutting for a reason. Like for example, if I drew a line on the paper...they still need work following that line...they are no where near it actually. For for a free for all cutting...they do pretty well, and they were able to help me cut a lot of pieces.

And here is what we did with those tiny, tiny pieces.

I wanted them to make them small for two reasons: #1: it takes more skill tiny pieces and placing them on the that strengthens their fine motor and #2: it exercises their patience...because I know that it would take the "forever" to do because the pieces were small and it was harder to pick up. During circle time I told that the letter of the day was "F"...and we all took turn searching for the letter in our books. I then read them stories about Fall and FireFighters. At the end I asked them what colors the leaves turned during fall and what color was fire...and luckily enough they were both similar that was how we chose the colors red, orange, and yellow. They chose blue for the letter because they said that it was "blue outside, but there is no sun." Their words. I thought that was cute. :)

Our second project was a cause and effect one. Well, it touched a lot of things...but I was wanting to see experience the cause and effect for this particular project. I have a lot of curious little ones in my class...and they enjoy and get excited for "science-y" type of things. In one of our classroom discussion we were decided what kind of decorations that they put up for Halloween and several of them said spider webs. They have asked me if we could put up some in the classroom and I told them, what if we did an art project that had to do with spiderwebs and they were all for it. I adore how my class LOVES doing arts and crafts! :)

Last Friday, I went ahead and prepped this for the kids to do. I basically drew a web with glue and had the kids "help" me sprinkle salt on the glue. I told them that we had to wait for it to dry so we were going to do this on Monday. But they had fun helping me put the salt on the glue. They were fascinated about how even though the line of glue was SUPER thin...putting salt on the glue automatically made the line thicker. I honestly never thought of it that way! Oh, the eyes and the mind of a child always amazes me! :)

Today they were excited to see what happens if they watercolored the paint on the glue/salt mixture. They walked in asking me about it...and several of their parents told me that they were excited about this experiment. :) That made me happy. This particular girl who did this one had brought in a book about rainbows since she said that she saw a rainbow over the weekend and she wanted to bring her book in. She then told me that she was going to copy the rainbow onto her web...and I think she did an amazing job! They all did...and they had a lot of fun watching the colors "move" while painting.

I love my job. I love my kids. I'm so happy that I get this opportunity to watch them grow and be fascinated with the world around them. :)