Monday, October 13, 2014

Broken Love.

I just got back from spending time with friends that I miss so much! I had a very relaxing day today...just catching up with everything that I needed to catch up on. I admit that I didn't get to do everything that I wanted to do, because I really did just lazed around BUT I did get a lot of things that I wanted done, done. :)

Yesterday Jess asked me if I wanted to go walking with her...and I told her that I would. So I just got back from being with Jess and Jackie. I did feel bad though because I always end up running instead of just walking. I have found out that I feel more tied if I walked the 3 miles than if I ran I usually walk at least 1/2 a miles with them...and then I run the rest. We start from Jackie's when I reach Jackie's house...I just turn around and run back to where they are...and then I walk the rest of the way back to Jackie's house.

I have been running the Lanikai loop...and that is just 2 miles...the Keolu loop is three I like going with them...because it's gradually upping my miles...and yeah.

I'm not doing any "hardcore" working out type of thing...just small runs here and there with cardio other stuff. Just because I just want to keep moving...because I never want to take for granted that I can actually move...and so yeah.

Today in the midst of my lazing around I really wanted to have a good session with my punching bag. I love that thing! I think one of the best things that I've ever bought! *laughs* But I think I'm ready for a new one since this one looks about to fall apart now! But as I was saying, I really wanted to have a go with my punching bag...and so I took off my "love" bangle like I always do when I put my gloves on...I hate that feeling of my bangle pressing on my wrist and it actually that is the only time that I actually really take it off.

Well, I did a good 45 minute workout when I had to leave and go meet up with Jess and Jackie to go walk/run/jog the lake...but when I went to put my bangle back on...look what happened!

It broke!!! Oh my love is broken!! :( So bummed about it because I have always worn it since my lil DollGirl and sister had given it to me for Christmas! Yes, I am seriously bummed about that. I felt so empty without it that I ended up putting on a bangle Shilhi had given me a few years ago that I really love, it's an open arrow bangle...but I really am sad about my Love bangle.

I try not to get sentimental about things...but there are a few things that I do get sentimental about...and this bangle is one of them. Bummer...guess it was it's time. But I still feel bad about it.

Oh well, it's not like I'm dying or anything...just sad. But at least I got to see my friends again. After we got back to Jackie's house we just opened a few cans and talked about anything and everything and it felt really good to catch up again. I told them when my work jobs weren't as demanding, I would come over more often and go walking/jogging/running with them. I do want get in shape a little bit better before my brother gets married...and so it couldn't hurt. :)