Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A good idea.

I have parent/teacher conferences this week with my kids parents. Kind of nerve wrecking only for the sole purpose of the face that I have only started working at this current preschool for only one month! But I think that I have started having really good relationships with my parents. The kids that I have are amazing and are super intelligent...and I actually can not single out a child that I gives me any grief. They all are unique, yet super fun and they love to learn.

Parent/teacher conferences are a lot different here than what I am used to, and so I made my own form to fill out to help guide the conferences and so far all the parents that I've talked to are all open-minded and super grateful for what I have done so far. Seriously though, doing parent/teacher conferences after only being here for a month is very scary, but I thank God that He gave me this gift to connect to children so I have already establish pretty strong connections and relationships with all my kids. And we're good.

But as I was waiting for a parent to come in to have their conference, I realized that I was blowing my planner up with all the to-do list that I love to write and I needed to come up with a solution where I didn't write all the to-do stuff so that I didn't mix up with the appointments and reminders that I also write in my planner. I love seeing the different things that are in my planner but it was getting to ridiculous that I couldn't see what went were. And so I came up with another notebook type thingy where I will will my to-do lists...and it's separate from what I write in my planner.

I actually got the journal/notebook from Aunty Daisy for Christmas, and I was saving it for a journal when I was finish with the one that I currently have, but it's all good. I have been using it for this week and I love it! I wish I came up with that idea a long time ago.

My planner isn't so jam-packed with reminders and to-do lists...and I like it better. My planner still gets filled up really fast, but then it's not as messy looking...and my lists are more organized. I can't really explain how I know when I need to write in my planner and when to write in my list journal. I guess you can see, my list journal is more of a reminder in lists for of the things that I need to get done by the end of the day. So I just jot down the things I need to remember when I get home to do. And my planner is more the "appointment" book and planning ahead of time. Or something like that. I have noticed that my list journal is more like a diddle-daddle notebook...*laughs* which I use to always carry one of those around with me too! So it has many purposes. :)

Here is me showing support for my current favorite local brand. :) Please go check out his stuff here! I love his stuff...he will be coming out with more things if there isn't anything there that you don't want at the moment...wait a few weeks and go back and see what amazing things and designs that he has come up with.

I absolutely love the quote that my desk calendar for today so I wanted to share it with you. "Know that you yourself are a miracle."-Norman Vincent Peale. It's a good reminder. I know that there are days where you feel like nothing can go right and everything and everyone just rubs you the wrong way and you just don't think anything is right. But remember YOU ARE A MIRACLE and you are right. You are right where you are suppose to be...but it's not where you should stay. Keep moving forward. It's a good reminder. :)