Sunday, October 12, 2014

50th State of Mind.

I love supporting this local brand: 50th State of Mind. Thirty days ago they stated this Kickstarter project and today they made it! They received all the backers that they needed and they will be able to get the things that they need to go further in their business.

The reward that I choose was the $125 Reward #2. It's getting to be colder (at least "cold" for Hawai'i!)...and plus I really wanted one of their hoodies because at the studio for Passion Roots, I need a sweater because it's like working in a freezer! And so I really like this package deal. I do have to say that it was so hard to choose because I wanted several package deals! But this is the one that I chose! And I can't wait until I can get my stuff. No rush, because as your can see Jordan has 305 orders to no rush on his part. I'm just excited for him to start this new phase in his business because he has done so well. And I have to say that costumer service has been amazing and he is a trooper for sticking with it...because I can only imagine how hard it is to start your own business from scratch. He has done an amazing job!

He says that he will get everything out to everyone at least by he has a full-time job on his hand doing everything himself! He makes and prints EVERY SINGLE item by hand and I really admire him for that! That must be so hard! 

And then I found out that on their website you can get another I really like their hats, and so I decided to get myself this one. I can't decide what I want the custom trucker hat to be. I love the cursive Aloha for Days...but I also adore their logo on the hat! We will see...:)

Hopefully he gets more women's tops and hats out on his website because I really want to get a hat for my sister because she really likes my hats that I have from him. But I will promote this local brand because I like them a lot. :) So, congratulations to Jorden Jenkins for getting this far! I can't wait to see what more you come up with! You have a lot of believers in you! And you got this! :)