Friday, September 26, 2014


Since starting for this new school, I have realized that I was super spoiled at the other place that I use to work for. I am really glad that I am still pretty close to my co-workers at the other site, because I can now meet them out of the working environment...and they crack up! Because I have noticed that they always buy my food or bring me food from the school! Because the one thing that I really had to get used to about this new preschool that I work for is that I have to make and take my home made lunch to school!

My goodness, in all the years that I worked for the other site I had never brought my own lunch...unless I really felt like! And there was always snacks in the break room! But here not really! I remember feeling like I was STARVING the first week! *laughs* But now, I am good. :) Last night I worked super late, and I usually go straight from one job to the next job and not go home in between...and so I knew that I would not have time to make my lunch and so, on the way home, I stopped at Safeway to see a friend that works the late shift and also do the lazy thing and just buy a salad bowl from there to take to work the next day.

I did get to see my friend who works the late shift there. And it was good to see her again. She is actually a former student of mine's mom. One thing about working in the preschool setting right now is that a lot of the parents are my age! And so since we live on an island, I usually see them all over the place...and I get close to the parents. But I do have this rule of mine that I do NOT add them to any social network that I am a part of. We end up hanging out sometimes...and when we do, I do not drink. I just don't know why, I can't drink with the parents of the kids in my class! That is just so weird to me! Some people can do that, but not me, I can't! Not that I am presented with a lot of opportunities to, but just on the whole, I just don't if they offer or something.

But I got to see my friend who works there in Safeway...and I did buy myself a salad bowl...and it was quite yummy! :)

I chose the Asian Style Chicken Salad...and look at that SUPER healthy like! :)

I actually never had one of these before, but my friend Jess gets them all the time...and one thing that i did notice about this salad is that they don't put everything together when you first open it! And I absolutely LOVE that! It comes all separate! :)

They had several types of salads to choose from, and I don't really know why I chose this one, but I have to say that it's really super yummy! And if it wasn't SOOO expensive I would SO have one of these every day! But I think I know what I'm going to do though...make my own salad bowls! Can't be too hard and I know that I can just make my own that I like...custom salad bowl to MY liking! But I love these salads! :) Now, I have to go and do more grocery shopping so that I can make my own salad bowls. :)