Sunday, September 28, 2014

House Cleaning.

This morning, my sister gave me the schedule of Passion Roots, and I saw that for the first couple weeks of October will be super busy, and so I knew that I had things that I wanted to do before I didn't have the time to do I made myself a list of the things that I needed done.

Not everything HAS to be done, but there were somethings that I really wanted done. But I have to say that I got a lot of things done, so that's good. I know that I have today, Monday, and Tuesday to get everything that I wanted done to get done. After that, my life is not my own any longer! *laughs* Just's still mine, but I know that I will be super busy. It will be wake up, go to preschool work, go to Passion Roots studio, go home, shower, crash...repeat. And if I am lucky, I will find time to eat between goings. *laughs*

One thing I knew that I really wanted to get done today was to clean out my fish tank. To do a full cleaning of my tank. I usually do a full clean of my tank every 2 months. Every month I do a 50% water change and I also change a filter (taking turns with the two filters that I have) every two months. So, it was due a full tank cleaning, and I knew that actually I would have one more week until I had to clean it out, but knowing the schedule that I have I knew that I wouldn't have time, so I decided to do so today.

And you can tell by the millions of bubbles you can see that it was a successful cleaning of my tank. :) I did put in an order at Amazon for more when that gets here, I'll take another picture of home my tank looks...I like to spoil my pets. *laughs*

Speaking of which, I suspect that my poor BamBam Jr. has FIN ROT! NO!!! Well, I can not be TO sure, but I wanted to treat him so that in case he does have it, he will get better. I was happy when I saw that if I treated him as soon as I notice it, then it's not that bad...I would hate for it to be BODY ROT because all the run has rotted away already! 

My BamBam Jr. doesn't act sick though...he is still super, duper outgoing! But I did ask the person at the pet store if it would hurt him if I did treat him and he didn't have the disease, and he said no...but not to over treat him. I won't over treat him, but I hope that he gets better if he is sick!

Another thing that was on my "to-do" list was to clean and spray paint my shower caddy! It's getting rusty and gross looking and so I wanted to get on that! I also wanted to hang it on a hook on the other side of my shower because I don't like how it's in the way of the cord when I am taking a shower. 

So, I removed everything from in it, and took it outside and cleaned it as best as I could. Took of the rust and all that...and then spray painted it black. I then added modge podge so that it can stay like this longer.

Here is a side view of it...and I love it! It looks more cleaner! But hey, I DO keep my shower clean! *laughs* I do a deep, full cleaning of it every two weeks! :) 

Here is a front view of it. I really like it a lot! And I like how it is on the other side of my tub where there is a lot more room for it. And my shower looks super cleaner because it's not as cluttered with the shower head and stuff. So I hope that it stays like that tomorrow...and not fall down! :)

Well, I was able to do quite a few things off my "to do" list, so I am happy for that. :) What I am going to try to do for this month at least is to force myself to lay down on my bed for sleeping at least by 12. I know that I am going to need my sleep if I am going to be pulling literally all-nighters with trying to balance my two jobs and my school. We will see where it all ends up then! :)