Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fun with pink.

I needed to do my nails so bad! I hadn't done my nails in nearly two weeks...but I also knew that I needed to do them fast...because I had a lot to do before going to work. I just got home and I am so glad that I didn't have to stay too late, because I just wanted to come home already. But I am actually proud of my nails. I told myself that I was going to do my nails at 3pm...because I and to be at work at 7:pm...and I wanted to make sure that they would be dry so that I wouldn't mess them up.

I painted my nails in one of my favorite go-to design when I am in a rush...this design doesn't take more than 20 minutes to do...if that! I decided to do it in pink because it is my favorite color...and I just like this color combination of pink, black, white, and silver...and of course the silver had small glitter it is SO me. *laughs* I speed up the drying time I sprayed hairspray on it after a few minutes of letting it dry on it's own. It really does speed up the drying process. And that was good thing because I had lost track of time and I literally finished my nails at like 6:15pm! And look at that! They didn't even get messed up. :)

Today I worked with orchids...and it has been a LONG while since I posted up one of the flower arrangements...I still like doing bouquets...but occasionally if I finish with the bouquets fast enough, I help with the center pieces. I only was able to remember to take a picture of one of the arrangements that my friend actually finished...and it's person it was an amazing piece. In picture, its was kind of hard to capture the amazing colors and textures of this arrangement...but check this out...

It is just bursting with orchids! My phone was unable to capture how vivid the colors are...but trust me, it was gorgeous. :) Well, now I am just going to crawl into bed...write a little bit in my journal and then knock out. :)