Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Favorite!

Oh okay, I know that I have such a sweet tooth...but I actually am very picky with what goes in my mouth...and you know what sucks?! Seasonal candy. Last year I didn't get to get any of my favorite valentine's candy because they sold out so this year, I went super early and got myself a bag of {one of my} favorite candy!!

I seriously do not know anyone else who really, truly likes this candy...I hear that it's "chalky" but really, it's not! At least not to me! These only come around once a year...and bam, they are gone until next year...last year, like I said earlier, I wasn't able to get this year, right after work I went to Safeway and grabbed me a bag. Now to work on my self control and only eat a little bit at a time! *laughs*

I hope that tomorrow we can go to the playground with my keiki. Today was pretty rough staying in all day long...! Don't get me wrong, I still love and care for my 2 year olds...but it's times like this I with I had that super power of weather control. I'll just make sure it won't rain above my little ones when we go out to play. *laughs*