Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Yay! Today was a success! And I am only bummed that I was unable to take any pictures! The other teachers were able to take the hopefully I'll be able to grab them from them in the future! :) The kids had a blast during out bubble party time. We had it with the whole school and we had a lot of fun dancing and just singing in the bubbles that were surrounding us! The bubble machines were amazing...and having two of them was like a bubble ocean! Seriously...the kids loved it, I loved it...we all had fun!

The party was a success as well! I thought that I wasn't going to make it because it was all chaoticness since the schedule for my keikis was off...but it went well...they had a blast making their own pizzas and smoothies! And we all shared our valentines with each other! I love my keikis...and I can never say it enough...I love working with them. :)

I did want to share what Lil' Tristan made for us teachers! He isn't in my class any longer...but he made a bunch of these to give out to the teachers...and I absolutely adored it! Aren't they just the cutest ever!!!

I just put my lil DollGirl down to sleep. And I am just chilling like a villian on my sister's couch waiting for them to come home. :) I left the house before being able to give Amanda and my brother their Valentine so I just left it on the island in the kitchen upstairs at my house for them to see it before they went on their Broadway date. But I was able to give my sister's and Kuya Neal's their valentine...and they really liked it. I am so blessed to have an amazing family. I love them so much!

DollGirl was a bit fussy tonight...and super I got to cuddle with her and read her books galore. I'm happy that she loves books...just like her mama! (And Aunty AND Uncle...UNLIKE her daddy though! He does NOT like to read! *laughs*)...Tracy was over for a bit just to talk story before going to sleep herself. She cooked up a Greek dinner for her hubby and herself and she cooks amazing! But she dropped by to give me this bowl of goodies, which I am currently consuming as I write this post. :)

Happy Valentines Day all...I hope everyone had a day full of love! :)
"Our days are happier when we give people a piece of our heart rather than a piece of our mind."--Anonymous