Wednesday, February 12, 2014

For my keiki.

This year has been so busy...I really can not believe that it's already nearly Valentine's Day...and I have a huge dilemma! At least HAD a huge dilemna...I still kind of do in a way, but whatever happens happens. So what was my dilemma?! Well, our party story closed last month (Price Busters) and so I had no idea what to get my keiki for Valentine's Day! I usually like to make treats/crafts for them for the holidays...but this Valentines Day is creeping up on me and I have no idea where to go to make something for my keiki.

It's so unfortunate that Price Busters has to closed down...I'm already miss my Dollar Store/Tree of the mainland because I see a lot of crafts/projects that I want to do...but we don't have those stores here! We don't even have Michaels! How do you survive without that craft store?! least we have Ben Franklin's...and I am a member there...and I go there plenty times...however it's super expensive there. Anyway, I had to do some fast brain storming on what to do for my keiki this year.

I still am not sure that I agree with what I'm doing...but it's for the kids...and so I went both healthy and non-healthy...candy is SO not the way to go...but I limited myself on what I got them.

I was told last minute that I might have a child walk-in on that day...and I was so not prepared for that! So I didn't want him to feel left I made something for him, although I did run out of lollipops...hence the reason why the last one does not have not have a lollipop!

I used light pink tissue paper and cellophane to wrap it up and used red, pink, and purple to tie it. I then made each of my keiki a personalized card. 

I also am planning a "friendship" party for them. We're making personal pizzas...and then having carrot sticks....and since they love making fruit smoothies...I am going to bring my Magic Bullet and we're all going to make smoothies! 

Shirena also bought two really nice bubble machines and we're going to have a bubble party and we are preparing flowers for them to bring home. I hope that our keiki's know that we love them. I love all my kids so much...and I will never stop saying that it is a huge blessing to be able to work and spend time with each and everyone of them. 

"When you are hugging a child, always be the last one to let go. You never know how long they need it."-words from a Disney Princess