Saturday, February 8, 2014

FLY away with me.

My nails really needed some I sat down and really cleaned my nails and shaped them. I was going to let them remain unpainted for at least one day...but after a few hours I couldn't stand how my nails weren't painted! So since this is the month of Love...I was able to use my go-to colors without any guilt!

Look at that?! They aren't blue...AND they aren't butterflies! I did get the request again for them to be butterflies from my keiki...but I wanted a different color I asked her another color...and this is what she said, "Fine, Aunty, you can do dots." *laughs* Not a color...but I can work with that request! :) So here I present you, in my favorite go-to colors (pink, black, while, silver) FLY Away With Me....