Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trees or Skeletons?!

So, I finally was able to paint my nails...for the first time in this wonderful new year of 2014! My lil' "darling" wanted me to paint the "rainbow with trees"...and so I really did try. I don't know though...they look more like fish skeletons...! *laughs* Oh well, at least I did try. She did want "rainbow butterflies..." but butterflies are her favorite design; I told to choose something else since I painted then butterflies 3 times last month for her...! She deadpanned "trees"...so trees it is. *laughs*

These are the colors that I chose to use; the rainbow of course...but I still had to choose from my "millions and trillions" of nail polish WHICH red, orange, yellow...and so forth. I seriously was tempted to use glitter! I really was...but I decided not to. Lets see how long that will last for...I love glitter!

This is my left hand. I think that I like this hand better...*laughs* granted, I am right handed so of course it's easier to paint my left hand...but I still have a steady, firm left hand when it comes to painting nails...but for this time, I do like this hand better.

I know, I'm too tired to take a better picture...but oh well...this is my right hand. See, not super bad considering I hand to paint with my "weaker" hand. *laughs* If I had to change anything, it would have been to wait a little longer to put the top coat on...now you can see the smears on the yellow. Oh well...I still like them. :)

So, put together (on instagram) it looks like that. :) I also lightened my right hand...but yeah. That is that....!