Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pink and Blue.

On my last you remember the sneak peak of the flowers that I get to work with today?! Well, here is a better shot of those gorgeous spray roses that I got to work with today?! Wow! Much props to Ed, the one who process these babies...they opened beautifully. I brought some home with me so that my little preschoolers can have some and make arrangements of their own! Yay, fun flower time with the keiki! :)

There were at least 5 buckets full of these's been awhile since we have gotten them to open this big! And yes, processing them does make a HUGE difference! So learning how to process the right way is a gem. I actually like processing flowers, but because of my preschool schedule, I'm never able to get out and get to the flowers when they arrive. Sometimes if no one is able to get to them, I have to go in later in the day...but it's best to process them as soon as possible because they were "that long" without water...and we need them to be ready when we work with them.

Today was a challenging day, wedding wise. Our flowers didn't arrive when they said that they would and so they came just a few hours before I we started to work on them. Ed was able to process them when he got them...but we had to wait at least four hours to even THINK about starting! Even then it was hard because our hydrangeas were still dehydrated...but we were able to work it. I started out working on the 5 bouquets. They were similar to the ones that I've done before so they were quick to do. Fun and beautiful. We have a new addition to our dream team and her name is Tokina...she was able to work on those low, small pieces...and I think that she did an amazing job considering that was the first arrangement that she made EVER! She is a fast learner!

After I finished my bouquets I helped with the many, many arrangements...look how lush and full they are! So beautiful! At first I wasn't too hot with the color combination...but I think in the end it work so beautifully! These weren't even half of it much to do, in so little time...but that is wedding designing for you! It's not like we can do all these arrangements way ahead of time...they would wilt and die! So it's usually just 2 at the most days ahead of time if that...usually it's the night before! But I do haven an amazing team that makes working late a fun thing. :)

While we worked on the bouquets and arrangements, my boss worked on these taller arrangements...look at that! SOOOO lush, beautiful...and smells amazing! These "ball" arrangements were HUGE! The hardest part was making sure that they all were the same size! :) Didn't want to make one small or bigger than the others! These balls of arrangements were placed on top of a tall, glass transfer to the wedding location must have been a pain...which is why we have an awesome team who knows how to pack these babies so they won't fall apart!

Like I said earlier, I wasn't so sure about these two colors together...but once again I was proven wrong. They are beautiful together. I work with a lot of hydrangeas...and I would say that 95% of the time they are white it was fun working with these blue ones for a change...and those pink spray roses were beautiful...tomorrow, my little keiki will get to have fun making their own arrangements with the scrapes that we didn't use. :)