Friday, January 17, 2014


So after a long, complicated, mentally/physically exhausting day I decided a pot of tea would be a good way to relax. So after a quick cat nap when I got home I decided to have one of the flowering teas that my brother got me for Christmas. I still am so in awe of this beautiful tea!

I tried the Noble Madam's pretty yummy! I decided to put it in my infuser this time instead of just letting it sit in my pot. I do like little pieces floating in my tea...and the things that I did different this time was pour the water in the pot first before putting the tea flower thingy in.

It looks NOTHING like it turns out. I mean...look at that thing...I think if I wasn't curious as to what it would look like, I wouldn't have guess that it would be something that I DRINK! *laughs* But it's just that little bulb. (*laughs* Can you tell that I still am in awe of this "new" tea that my brother got me! *laughs*

So I just dropped that baby into the hot water in the infuser thingy...and it just floated there. I started to poke it with my took a lot longer to open then the first one that I did! But I think that the coloring is SOOO awesome! The color was contained inside the infuser.

At first it was upside down so I had to turn it right side up...I know I shouldn't have done it in the infuser because it's not as pretty...but I really don't like the little floaties in my tea! But color is starting to slowly disperse outside the infuser! So cool!

Here is a top view of the pretty tea. I thought it was still pretty! :) I like this's not too strong...Green Tea with Jasmine.

Yep, tea really did hit the spot after that long day! You like how my tea cup has "COFFEE" written on it?! *laughs* I am a coffee person as well! My rule for coffee?! My first coffee of the day NEEDS to be a STRONG STRONG black coffee...then through out the day I will have my "other" kine coffee. *laughs* But tea in itself is also very yummy and so yes, I am a coffee AND tea person. So nevermind the "coffee" tea cup *laughs* It actually belongs to a set that my sister gave me. So there.

I warmed up the left overs that I had with Jess yummy chicken eat for dinner. I LOVE chicken katsu! This one is from L&L...comfort food for a time of relaxation.

Well, as I was enjoying my cup of brother and housemate/friend came home. I love them. Of course, my brother is family...but Amanda is family too. It's always good to sit with them and talk...and that's what we did. So, comfort drink, comfort food, comfort company equals a nice relaxing evening.

Thank God it's Friday. And I would like to add...Thank God for family, friends...tea and chicken katsu. :)