Sunday, December 29, 2013

Last Post of 2013!

So, things have been mad busy lately, so I have a huge feeling that this is will be my last post of the year! I need to get on it! *laughs* This year, I wasn't able to post as much, hopefully with the new year coming in, I'll be able to post more! *crosses fingers*

Well, Christmas was a lot of fun! I went to my sister's house...and I didn't even have to go into work on Christmas Eve! Yay...but BOO, I have to work New Years Eve...oh well. Amanda left December 20 to go home she came back today though. I feel bad for her because they had to cancel her flight going home and so her and two other friends had to scramble to try to find new flights. Good thing though that the flight help person was able to help them! Coming back was okay though, and I"m glad that I'm not alone in the house anymore!!

Anyways, I am in a rush, so here are some pictures that I took of from Christmas and some!
Yes, I did change my nail polish! Even though there isn't a huge design here...the nail polish is pretty cool, don't you think?! :) Plus, since I did choose a Blue theme for the house, I matched it with my nails. :) My friend got me at least 5 different colors of this nail polish! I ADORE IT! DollGirl liked it too! She couldn't stop looking at it! :)

Here is my sister with DollGirl! Oh mandope! That little one had a lot of fun opening her stalking! It was adorable...I super enjoyed watching her open her stalking with her mom. I loved how this year she was more aware than she was last year when she was just a few months old. Plus since we went to the Mainland for Christmas, this was her first Christmas here in Hawai'i...and I loved her excitedness for everything!! :)

Oh, my goodness! I think this little DollGirl was our entertainment opening presents this year! *laughs* She had a lot of fun! And was SUPER excited over everything! I got her that basketball hoop...and look at her loving her "ball" one of the words she LOVES to say...and she loves to play and throw already! Her Dad, Uncle and I are already playing basketball with's soo fun!

My brother-in-law got my fish a Christmas present! I have THE BEST brother-in-law...and I thank my sister plenty for giving me an awesome brother! :) But he got them that "Surf's Up" aquarium decoration. I love it. My fish seem to like it too. :) Amanda and Jeremy got that "The Mermaid is In" sign for me for my birthday this past year...I adore it. :)

So, I am loving tea. Don't get me wrong though, I still love my coffee...but I love tea...and I love trying different kinds...and so my brother got me this amazing glass teapot with Flowering Tea...! Oh my goodness...I LOVE it! My brother SO knows me!! I love him...and Amanda got me the cutest Elephant tea spoons. My brother had gotten me the elephant mug for my birthday one year...but I love my family...they soooo knows me when it comes to getting me things that are SOOO me! :)

So, I did try the Flowering Tea...and it was really beautiful to watch...:) Not too strong, just right...and yes, I do like my tea with milk and yummy!

 Here is DollGirl playing with one of the toys that Amanda got for her. SOOO cute! She is going to be just like her mother! Cooking and baking!

Well, here is to the new year...I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful new years day...and an amazing year to come!