Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just add glitter...

Wow...I feel drained! That's what happens when I spend lots of time with people I don't really know. It's not a bad thing...but just something that I realized as the years go by...I'm not much of a people person anymore. No, I take that back...I can be...but it's more exhausting now a-days...where as before, I use to love meeting new people, I still do, but I'm not as open and teaches a few things...and one is that being too trusting will lead to getting you hurt, so I just don't like being around a lot of people. Wow! Where am I getting with this?! Well, we had a social night at my sister's place and everyone just left.

I did hang out with everyone for a while...but then when it got TOO much...I just went in the room and added glitter to my manicure. It was way to plain for me, so I had to just do something to how do you like it now?!

 I do like it a lot better...plain...but still a lot better then just the color. The nail polish was one that I got for my sister OPI Which is Witch?....I like it. I like glitter. So it makes me for the time being it will stay that color. I'm going to see if I will can keep it for the wedding this coming up next we'll see.

So, for church today it was the young adults who held church...and it was good. I played the piano, sang, and just went to church today. *laughs* I need to start going to church more...but it's not me anymore. And I hate having to feel like I HAVE to go to church. But I did. We did something my church back in California...we use to sing this song Family of God...and then greet each other...and we tried that today...and I think that it went well. 

Oh, I need to post about this wonderful sweet thingy that my sister made for us! So, I'm not sick...but nearly everyone else is...and so my sister made these really healthy, low-sugar, chocolate rolls...and they were SOOOO yummy! I took a picture of them...they remind me of something that you would see in Dr. Seus's world or something. *laughs*
When it's the young adults who do the church service...since we have to be there at church early, my sister will make yummy's for us and so that is what she made today. Aren't they so cute! I didn't get the final product picture...but she had drizzled chocolate on them...they were so yummy...and I was telling her that I didn't feel guilty if I wanted to eat two because they were healthy!

For special music there is this guy named Uncle Charlie who played the Uke with his friend on the bass...and wow! I love when Uncle Charlie comes and play...he is SOOO good. I would have to say that he is one of the best uke players that I know! He has his own album out and everything...well get I usually get restless at after my part of the program and listening to Uncle Charlie play, I went outside to go to the young adult room...when Uncle Charlie stopped me and told me that he wanted to do a performance WITH ME! He heard me sing and he liked what he heard so he wanted to do a duet with ME! I was SOOO stoked! It made my day...:)
Well, since I was not feeling like staying inside of church...I had taken my lil Baby DollGirl inside the young adults room...and she was cracking me up! She finds the smallest things so was a random paper advertising the Fall Festival at Amanda's school...and she was just taking the paper and pretending that she was reading was cute!

She really isn't sleeping...she was just resting...but it looks like she was sleeping in that one picture...and that's Ciccio...she is sooo good with him...and I'm so proud of him too, but he takes her "lovings" *laughs* she is still learning how to be gentle when petting him and she gets excited when she sees him...and he doesn't try to bit when she gets too rough...he just walks away. But they do have this love-hate relationship...because he knows that she is the one who will purposely "drop" her food and watch him eat it. *laughs* 

(Can't you tell that I just LOVE being an Aunty! *laughs*)

You know what I think is sooo adorable?! When she gets in her carseat for no reason...sometimes she is so crazy and just runs around so crazily...and then she'll see her car seat and just sits in there. I love her...she cracks me up. Already I'm sad because I know that I won't see her next weekend since I'll be going to the mainland for Joelly's wedding...I wish that i can just take her with me! *laughs* But I don't think that her mom will like that that much.
Having fun in my car seat while Uncle Jem rocks me!
After church, we decided that we were going to walk the pier at Queens Park and feed the fish...but on the way home we stopped by Leonards for some hot malasadas. YUMMY!

It's been a long day. But now I'm going to sleep. :) But before I go to sleep, I want to share this song with you. Last time we did the young adult church service thingy...I did signed a song with my friend that we didn't get it on video...but I had to learn the song in 1 hour...and I never heard the song before...but I want you listen to it now, it's really a nice song. I liked it. But here, enjoy!