Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Brotherhood!

So, I just got back from town. My little brother who isn't so little anymore is growing up. Every year. *laughs* But I just got back from going out with him and the fam-bam. It was nice. As a family we met up at Siam Garden Cafe. I remember going there for my sister's birthday the first year that we were here...and the food was good. It's Thai food, which, I do love Thai food...however, I'm not that hot for spicy food...and it was pretty spicy.

My sister, her husband, and little DollGirl had just gotten back from Kauai. They had gone there for the 5th Year Anniversary...and so I hadn't seen my lil DollGirl and it as good to see family. It sucks since I live on the other side of the island, I don't get to see them as much anymore. But we're all still very close since we are all that we have each other. And I'm glad that Amanda is part of our family. Wow...should I knock on wood?! My brother isn't engaged to her...YET! *laughs*...but I like her...and I wouldn't mind her as my sister.

But Amanda and I had driven over to pick my brother up and we all drove to the restaurant to meet up with my sister and her family...and it was SOOOO cute because lil DollGirl even said "Happy Birthday" to my was cute! So sad though, because the whole family was sick...but they were troopers though.

There was a moment before going to dessert and at the restaurant where lil DollGirl was getting pretty myself hating to sit down for so long, volunteered to go outside to walk around with DollGirl...and my goodness...I was RUNNING with her! I should bring her running with me...coz goodness that girl can run! But we were just run/walking up and down the store fronts when she stopped in from of this one office place where it was obvious that the company was having meeting of some sort...and she stood in from of the glass windows just waving and smiling and saying "hello! Hello!" They stopped the meeting to wave at her...I mouthed "Sorry!" and took DollGirl's hand and continued walking/running when I hear "Thank you!" and when I turn around they were gathered at the door waving...DollGirl ran back and blew kisses at was cute. I love that lil girl SO much!

But it was fun celebrating my brother's birthday! He opened his presents there in the store...the the first present he picks to open is the onesie I got him. I couldn't stop laughing! I would post a picture up of him with it...but I don't think that he would appreciate it that much...but it sure was funny! My sister and her husband gave my brother $*** for his bike that he's saving up for...and it was funny because they got it all in small bills and then continued to stuff them in panty liners! And so he had to open each one to get the money. And even Amanda got him a funny gag wrapping thing. Poor brotherhood! We are always playing pranks on him! But we love him!

We went to Menchies for dessert. I love that place! It's a soft serve ice-cream place that you can choose your own and put as much toppings as you want...I didn't get as much as I usually get because it was already pretty late and I am trying to loose weight...but I did splurge a little...hey it's my brother's birthday! It only happens once a year! *laughs*

 I wish that we had a Menchies on my side of the island...I love this place...but we have places that we similar to that's okay...but I like coming here coz it's such a friendly that's good. I'm so glad that they finally stared a card system here! So I even was able to get my own card to start on. They don't tell you that they  have have to as for it...and basically for every $1 you spend you get 1 "smile" and for every 50 "smiles" you will get $5 in your "mySmilage" account. So that's pretty cool.
So there's my card...pretty cool that they give you a card thingy for your keys as well...but isn't the little Ice-cream icon super cute?! :)

They always give out the cutest spoons too! For Halloween they gave out these pretty cool spoons that change with the temperature. When it's warm it would but just plan white...but when it's cold it changes colors...

 So mine is the beautiful pink and Amanda had the blue one (although it does look green in this picture!)...but it was sooo cool! I kept my spoon. I like these spoons because you can reuse them and so I like to keep on in my bag just in case I might need spoon. (I already keep a "fork" in my bag for obvious reasons...HELLO! I need to keep a "dinglehoper" with me at all times! :)) But aren't the spoons pretty cool?!

Well happy birthday to my brother...! I hope her had a happy day. It was a happy day for me. :)