Friday, October 25, 2013

A love like theirs.

Today is my parents anniversary. I'm not too sure how many years...but I want to say that it's 33 years since they were married. Or was it 35 years?! Shoots, what a horrible daughter I am, I don't even know...but I do know that their anniversary is today.

I haven't spoken to my parents in awhile...I think the last time that I spoke to them was a few day before going to California...but I wish that I could talk to them now. I miss them. I know that they are okay....but it would be wonderful if I could hear from them...just to hear their voices again. I miss them.

I hope that one day that I will find someone that will love me and accept me wholly for who I am just like my mom and dad love and accept each other.

I know that they chose to go and be Missionaries. It's still hard for me since I don't have the means to communicate with them when I need them, but I know that they have each other and I know that they are in God's hands...and that's all I can do, trust that God is protecting them and trust that they will have each other.

But my thoughts are with them right now. I love them. My parents.