Friday, April 27, 2012

The Basics of Me. [part 7]

Your birth and family [Part 7]:

*How did you help around the house?

Growing up my siblings and I always had our chores that we had to do. We would rotate from week to week...the chores included washing the dishes, cleaning up after dinner, vacuuming, sweeping the floor, taking out the trash, cleaning the bathrooms-including the shower/bathtub! Although I did all the chores when my time came up, I remember really hating to take out the trash! I would willing do all the favorite was vacuuming...but I would constantly beg my siblings if they can switch with me to take out the trash! *laughs*
I'm still like that. I hate touching, smelling, doing anything with trash. I don't know why...maybe this is where my germ phobia kicks in. I'm not as bad as I use to be...I mean, I can now take out the trash without having to take an hour shower afterwards to clean up...but I can feel myself holding my breath and holding myself away from the trash as much as possible. *laughs* 
In other ways that I would help around the house was I like to consider myself as the one who keeps everyone on their toes. Along with my dad, we liked to play harmless, but funny pranks on our family members. I liked to make my family laugh...I was always playing music or singing and dancing to whatever I was doing. I like to think that I helped keep the fun in the family, not that my family wasn't fun! Oh, they were, and I think that I had a bomb childhood because I love my family and I think that we were a lot of fun...but I think that helped to brighten up my families days when I would do random things to make them smile.