Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Basics of Me. [part.2]

Your birth and family [Part 2]:
*What are you parent's full names and birth dates and places?

Well, this is another one that I won't answer fully...but my mom goes by the name Bing, but her real name is Timotea. I once asked her where she got "Bing" from "Timotea" and she said that she was called "Baby" for a long time and "Bing" is another term of endearment for "Baby" or something like that. But she is known by "Bing" or even "Tim".

Her father's name was Timoteo, and unfortunately I never got to meet him. I wish I was able to meet him, because my mom told me that she was in-a-way close to him. She was named after him and she once told me that they shared the same birthday, but I can't be sure if she told me that or not, but her birthday was near his birthday if anything.

My mom is the eldest out of 7 sibblings, however, one twin died when he was still a baby, so there are now six of them. I'm pretty excited because knowing that my mom had twins in her family, gives me hope that I will have twins. I would LOVE to have twins.

My mom was born in the wintertime in the Philippines. In the Visayas. She migrated to the States when she was 18...and has been here since June 20, 2010...when she decided to dedicate her life to God and became a missionary back where she started...in the Philippines.

My daddy's name is Jeremias. But only recently did he find out that on his birth certificate, his name is spelled: Geremias! *laughs* Imagine that! Spelling your name wrong nearly all your life. He does go by Jerry though, or Jer by really good friends. Like my mom, he doesn't like to be called by his last name, so he's everyone's "Uncle Jerry."

My dad is the youngest boy in a family of 11. He is number eight, I believe, in the order of siblings. He has two other brothers, and the rest are sisters...and he is very close to his family. My dad was born in Duclong II, Tarlac in the Philippines and migrated to the States when he was really young. He also dedicated his life to God the same time as my mom and I haven't seen them since.

I miss them a lots...and I admire them lots. It takes a lot of faith to give up everything in your comfort zone to be missionaries far away from everything that you've known. I miss them more than anything...and I am looking forward to seeing them again soon. 

I love you, Daddy. I love you, Mommy. Stay safe and I'll see you in the morning. *hugs*

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