Saturday, December 10, 2011

White Elephant.

So during our Ugly Sweater Party, we had a White Elephant game thingy...or would you call it an activity?! Well, whatever you call it...we had it. It. Was. So. Much. Fun. I think they are always so much fun...with lots of gag presents and those presents that you hope that you get to keep. I know that everyone plays differently, but our rule is...the first one gets to pick a present, but then also at the end s/he is able to "steal" and switch his/her present at then end. BUT there can only be 3 "steals" and the third person gets to keep the gift. And then the traditional rule, yes, we go in chronological order from the number you picked from the "hat."

It turned out that Kuya Neal had number one...and so he got to choose from all the presents...and he picked
[Taken from Allie]
hand towels. *laughs* I thought they were cute though! They had a picture of an ice-cream yummy in the front and there other towel was multiple colors...very cute...and very NOT Kuya Neal! *laughs* As the game went on, there were a lot of laughter and a lot of joking around. I couldn't stop laughing a lot of the time. *laughs* I think the favorite presents were a $10 gift card for Starbucks and my sister's Recipe box filled with Mint Chocolate Chip cookies with the recipe. I had stolen the Starbucks gift from Kaleo; Amanda stole it from me...and it was a funny thing too! But then she said that it was going to be okay, because we'll just get coffee together and spend it that oh okay. *laughs*
[Take by Allie]
Until RYAN took it from Amanda! And we were BOTH sad! *laughs* It was all very funny. :) Some of the other fun gifts where a Snowman cookie jar filled with homemade cookies, a Spiderman lunch bag filled with homemade cookies [both compliments from my sister! Yes, she is so talented! *laughs*], a hot water thermos, chocolate Godiva, Sees Candy, a hand held Massager [OH MY GOODNESS!! FUNNY STORY HERE!!], really nice earphones, picture frames, puzzles, thumb war games, Local Slippers, and many more!

Oh for the funny, but at first embarrassing story! *laughs* So, I had "stolen" Kaleo's present of the Starbucks gift card...but when Amanda took it from me, I decided to try my luck with the pile of I opened my present...and my first reaction was...oh my goodness! I fucking vibrator dildo! What the fuck!!! Oh, my goodness, I could NOT turn around and show everyone...and I couldn't stop laughing...turns out, it was hand held massager in the shape of a vibrator...the person who brought the present, my friend Tracy, was mortified when she realized what it looked like from the shocked look on my face! *laughs* It was priceless...but seriously...take a look yourself! What do you think?!
[Taken by Allie]
Right?! I'm not sure if you can really see it, or get past my horrible looking sweater/blouse thingy...but yeah, there it is, all in its shinning was pretty funny. *laughs* But I think that we all enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun.
[Taken by Allie]
Kaleo was up there a lot because he kept getting his present stolen! *laughs* He would ask Ciccio for help by letting him smell the present to see if he was interested in the present. Here is when he got the Starbucks card.
[Taken by Allie]
Someone must have gotten something fun. :) We all had fun...with a lot of laughter. My family's sweaters look pretty horrible!
[Taken by Allie]
Kuya Neal did some stealing himself! He got Lacy's candy...he is a candy lover! I think that both my sister and him ended up with the did that work out! I know they planned it that way...thats why you need a partner in these games! *laughs*

[Taken by Allie]
It was funny because all the time that Kaleo came up there...he ended up with a matching set like his wife, Tracy and friend, Lacy! *laughs* Oh my goodness! So much laughing throughout the night! I love much holiday spirit! *laughs*