Saturday, December 3, 2011


Wow! What a day! An unexpected surprise day! And I loved it! So, yesterday late last night, my brother asks do you want to paint faces!?, not really...why?! For what?! Oh, cause there is this foster children convention and Allie and them are going to volunteer their time and paint faces...Wait! I changed my mind! I want to do it! It sounds like fun...I mean, now that I know whats going on! *laughs*

So, I call Allie and she gives me the details and I am to meet her at her morning, today...we start texting each other...oh, Allie makes me smile. Allie is a great person, and I'm so happy that I can call her my friend. I am more shy than I was when I was younger...and I'm trying to trust people again, and Allie makes it easy...I'm still trying to break the walls down that I've had up so long, but I feel so comfortable around her....basically she is a big inspiration in my life. Anyways, instead of going to her house, I end up meeting her at Castle Medical Center...then we try to go pick up Karlie [another person that I'm so thankful that I've met!]...Amanda [another amazing person! :) I thank God all the time for great, patient girls to hang out with!] is already in the car...but then there is like a parade that is going on...and we try to find anyway to get to Karlie's house...we can't figure it out, so Karlie ends up going on a short hike and meeting us where we were...she's such a good sport! What was that parade!? Maybe I'll find out on Monday when I'll ask my co-workers...they always know such things...

Anyways, we finally make it to the Blaisedell Arena in Honolulu...late. But once we mention that we are volunteers for the face painting they usher us past the long lines and to our spots. I thought that they were going to give us some prep time or at least show us pictures of what to do...I had never done something like this before...! But no...they show me my station and this child shows up and tells me he wants a "rocket ship blasting off to space." He's about 4 years old...and so I started...being as confident as I can be, and pretending that I knew what I was doing. *laughs* I got a lot of request of tigers, Batman, butterflies, Christmas trees, stars, hearts, last names, Angry birds, princes, masks, dolphins, sharks, snowflakes...just to name a few. It was an amazing experience. During out short lunch break, Karlie started to paint a butterfly on my cheek...but she didn't get to finish it because there were so many people waiting for their turn...even though were suppose to be having a break...oh well...

After painting...[we got to keep our shirts!]...we went to Allie's house to jam and just relax...then after a long decision of what to do, we ended up ordering pizza and coming over to my house and watch of my favorite movies because I can't stop laughing! *laughs*...and all had fun together watching...oh and another sister made her yummy...very, VERY, yummy cookies for us to munch on during the movie!

"I help kids." The amazing group that I got to work with...
Since Amanda had a dinner party to go to, we were able to plan her surprise house warming party after the movie...I think that it's going to be fun. We're going to do it it should be lots and lots of fun! I'm so happy that I get to hang with such fun people...At least I'm starting to get out of my shell more...I didn't even realize that I was building one around me...*laughs* I would definitly hang out with these ladies [and gentlemen] again! :)

As I was about to crawl into bed, I saw all these nasty termite droppings all over my bed! EWWWW!!! 

Who wants to sleep in I decided to clean it off...write in my blog...just to write in my blog and now I'm going to attempt to crawl into my bed...hopefully I got all the nastys out! *laughs* Goodnight all!