Monday, November 14, 2011

Me, the teacher.

So, the head teacher of my classroom has been out A LOT. And when I say "out A LOT"...that means like there was a time where she was gone for like a week and a half like 2 weeks ago...and now she is gone again for 4 days this week...might as well take the whole week off...but yeah I had to teach today.

I've always believed that I could be a teacher. I'm not trying to be vain or anything...but I think it's time for me to step it up. I now think that should be the teacher instead of the aid-where I have very limited control what I do. I know that there has been a lot of drama going on in the school with this other aid who is taking her CDA and she thinks and believes and moves and everything that she knows EVERYTHING...and it gets me upset. I think I can be a teacher. 

I think that I will go for the CDA so that I can be a teacher now. Eventually I'll go back to school to get my degree. I'm still kind of torn though, because Shil told me that she might be able to hire me full time and have control over the Plush line of Passion would be dream come true to do that...but we'll come that crossroad in time. So yes, I will work on my CDA...hope it would take so long! *laughs*

The biggest mistake is to think that it's too late to start something... and not doing anything at all.