Wednesday, November 30, 2011


These past few days, I've been talking to my cousin more and more. I think we both need each other. I think that everyone should have that one person that they feel comfortable talking about anything and everything with. I use to trust very easily. I use to make friends really easily...but experience is the best teacher. I'm working on trusting people again. I have gotten more quieter around people and crowds then when I was younger...oh goodness. I was kind of crazy when I was younger! *laughs*

But yeah, I've been talking to my cousin a lot of the past few days and she is one of the strongest persons that I know. Her and my mom are pretty strong people...they have gone through so much shit in their life...things that can break a person...and they are still standing strong. It helps me know that I can make it too. cousin was telling me that she was trying to break out of her shell and try do something new each day. Something that she wouldn't ordinarily do...small things, like buy clothes that look good on her but she wouldn't normally buy or talk to the person next to her in line or even just to smile more. So that encouraged me to do something I would normally sign up for the Great Aloha Run. Well, technically, I haven't signed up for it yet...I'm waiting until I get paid next week...but I'm starting to train for it's a basically, in distances I can more's a little more that 8 miles.

EIGHT FUCKING MILES!! Holy that shit?! Well, I plan too. My sister was telling me that I should work up to have a that I can stay on track with my working out and stuff. I am a swimmer. Remember that one race that I did like 2 months ago!? In Ko'Olina?! Yeah, I like to swim...I use to run...but not anymore...but hey,  think that I can do it. And it's something that I wouldn't normally do.

I miss my cousin.