Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cockroach Blanket.

So today my family decided to watch TV together. I love it when we do that...I think that family should do that...have dinner and watch TV together...watching shows that we all this case we watched The New Girl [I absolutely LOVE this show!] and Modern, I guess it was "Comedy" family night. *laughs*

Anyways...K.Neal had hurt his leg while running last Sunday, and so he bought a styrofoam rolly thingy...well, my sister bought it from her PT...and so it was a lot cheaper...anyways...we cooked pizza...and oh man! Since our oven is broken, it took FOREVER to cook it...I think more than a hour...and so we were famished by the time it was finished cooking! Anyways...

K.Neal had gotten a blanket from the hallway closet so that he can lay on the floor while he massages his leg out with the first thought about the blanket brought back memories! It was a blanket that has always been in my life since I was young...I remember it on my parents bed...I remember using it for picnics...I remember wrapping it around me when it got cold during the brutal winter months in Cali...and then I thought...oh wow! This blanket has been in the closet for so long it should be washed cause it smells! And so K.Neal lays it on the floor and then BOOM!!!! Cockroach explosion! My sister is covering her mouth trying not to scream out brother freaks out and runs to his room...K.Neal grabs and slipper and starts trying to slap/kill as many as he can...and what do it do?! Do I join my sister in the kitchen and try not to scream I freak out and run to my room...or grab a slipper and let out some bottled up negativeness and slap the shit out of the cockroachs...

...well, I'll let you guess. [But let me say that I've lived in the Philippines for six years...and seen way bigger cockroaches that those ones running around in our living.]

...AND if it were spiders running around in the living would be all over. I would be all over. *laughs*

oh yeah...did you know they fly?! :)