Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheese Graters.

I want to read. My book. Yep. I want to read my book. I'll write a mini review on it when I'm done reading it. It's the last book in it's trilogy. But I wanted to write before I curled up in a yes, cheese graters. Is that what they are even called?! Coz, I mean, you grate a lot of other things with it...carrots. I grate carrots. So, why can't it be call a carrot grater?! What is it called?! *looks it up on google* can be called both...Cheese Grater or Carrot Grater...or just plain, Grater. *laughs* sister made these fabulous tasting "enchiladas" the short version...basically she used burritos and laid them out in a dish and drowned them in enchilada sauce and covered them in cheese [where my story comes in] and shredded lettuce. It was amazingly yummy...!! So anyways, because I'm just a nice person like that, I asked her if she needed any help...and yes, she did need help...please grate the cheese. So I did. But I wasn't paying attention to what I was my hand slipped...and yeeowch!!! I grated the skin off my thumb. I'm looking at it as I'm typing now...and ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. 

You try continue grating with that kind of owie...not fun...the pressure makes the blood come out faster. Ew. So now, I have to deal with this cheese grated thumb. It's not a deep cut...but it fuckin' hurts, yo! *laughs* oh well...I've been in a lot of other pain before...but really!? Really?! And it's my week to wash the dishes!? *laughs*

Well, before I curl up I wanted to write a reminder why I love my preschool job. I was walking home from school when I noticed this tinted SUV following me. Was I scared, uhm yes. I could barely make out the driver...but it looked like they were waving...but I didn't recognize the vehicle, so I thought it was some tourist going to ask me how to get to Kailua Beach or where was the nearest place they can find somewhere to eat. So I stopped...but they continued to I just kept walking...when all of a sudden it pulled up in front of me blocking the sidewalk where I was walking and rolled down the window. It was the grandma of a child who use to be one of my little preschoolers. I haven't seen her since her granddaughter left our school last May. The grandma got of the SUV and gave me a hug after giving me a warm greeting. The little girl was in the backseat trying to get out of her car seat--saying my name over and over again. I gave her a hug and she kissed my cheek. I talked to grandma a bit and she told me that "my" girl always and still asks for me. She also told me and thank me [again] for being a good influence in her granddaughter's life; she was doing so much better. In the beginning of this year, I wrote of my challenges and she was one of them. Months later, it makes me smile to know that I made a difference in someones life. And this is why I love working with kids.