Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beginning of October.

Well, the first thing I will say is that I will write more this month! Yes, that is a goal...but I think already with this post, it's going to be better than I did last month! I seriously didn't realize that I didn't write in my blog for that long until I sat down to do my end of the month recap...oh wow...I wonder if this month will be going as fast as is did last month!

This month, I have to admit, I feel a little sad. I was so looking forward to seeing my parents again. When my parents left to be missionaries...I was crying when I asked my dad..."Daddy, when are you gonna come back to me?!" He told me "October 2011." Well, It's October 2011...and they won't be coming back. I still get teary eyed when I think about that month that they happened so fast...and everything happened so fast that I sometimes think it was all a  bad dream...and the worst part is, I still haven't woken up from in. I miss my mom. I miss my dad. I miss Baili. I miss Precious. But I guess that is how life goes, ya?! But I won't start this month feeling sad. It will be a good month.

Oh dear, so it's going to be my brother's birthday in...oh! Seven days! Yep! October seven, my baby brother will be adding one more year to his life! I have been looking and wondering what to get him for his birthday...and I think I have decided to get him another hat to his growing collection of hats. He does love his hats. *laughs* But I think I'll be getting him a HI Life hat...a trucker hat...I remember him saying that that was something that he wants...but now, I'm tempted to get myself one too! *laughs* We'll see...

Oh goodness, my sister and Neal's wedding anniversary is on the 5th of this month! Oh my goodness! could I have possibly forget about that...that was one of the most chaotic times in my life! *laughs* But yeah, I know that K.Neal always plans something surprising for her...I wonder what it will be this year.

My parents anniversary is also this month on the 25th. I'm going to miss them so much...I wish that I can throw something for them...I think I'm going to talk to my sister to see if she wants to plan a "ReVow" Wedding for them one of these years...sadly they won't be coming home this year, so we'll see...they did say that they will be back next year...and my sister and I are in the wedding we'll see what we can do. But yay for my parents...I hope I find a love like theirs...I wonder when...but maybe...maybe not.

So I am a "Daddy's Girl..." and yes, it does break my heart that my daddy will be having another birthday with me not there. I haven't been there for his birthday for about 7 years not. I was so looking forward to spend his birthday with him this year...but I guess it's not meant to be...I miss him so much. His birthday is on October daddy. Oh, I miss you Daddy so much. [Oh okay...time to swtich subjects! My eyes are filling up with tears!]

Oh. My. Goodness! I can't believe that I nearly forget to mention that I'm going to be swimming my first race this month! On October 15 I'll be going to my favorite place at Ko Olina and to a swim-run-swim race. Basically, it's swimming all the lagoons...all four lagoons...and running in between the lagoons. I know that I can swim the distance because I have before...I do it plenty of times during the week and weekend...but this time it's a race...with a lot of people...and so I have to get over being scared that I'm going to swim in to someone. And I think that this is a good race because I'm comfortable swimming in the lagoons and I feel for right now, I don't have to worry about sharks and we'll how that goes.

I really do want to start jogging our Keolu loop. I really do want to loose more weight. I know that I swim every morning...but it doesn't seem like I'm loosing what I want...even though I know that I am loosing, because I fit into clothes that I haven't worn in that's good...but lets see if I'll start this month to run our loop.

Oh preschool's school pictures will be this month. Oh. Wow. I haven't taken school pictures in FOREVER! Seriously...forever. *laughs* Our Holloween party/open house is also this month on the 26th...and the theme is Smurf's...say what?! I didn't choose it...and I'm glad that dressing up is optional because dressing up as a smurf is NOT my first or even last...or even on the list...option! *laughs* But I'll do something blue-y or something.

Well, here is to this month...October here I come! Please be good to me! :)