Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wedding Prep.

I didn't go to church today. I know that I juss need to rest up because this weekend I have THREE weddings to prep for! Two tomorrow and then one on Monday. I know that I won't be able to go to the wedding on Monday since I have to go to my preschool work, but tonight I'll be sleeping over at Shilhi's house because we're going to stay up and do as many flower arrangements and decoration prepping as we can.

I'm sad, because my friends are going bowling today...and I wanted to go...but it's okay, because I like working with flowers too. And I haven't really done this major work like this in a long time...

But I wonder how it's going to be! Shilhi is preggers and she is already having complications with her pregnancy! I think she is only 5 weeks along too! She was making me laugh, because she told me yesterday during family night at Aunty Michele's that the doctor was telling her that she was already having complications because she is an "older mom" *laughs* we like to tease her about her age..she is already in her early 30's...but she's a cool person to hang out with. She not only is my boss...but she is part of my Ohana we get to hang out a lot.

I don't really want her to stay up that long tonight, so I might be the one who will be doing a lot of the work. But we'll see...I'm sleeping over her place tonight we'll see how it's going to go.

I hope I have time to go to the beach when everyone comes home from church before I have to go to the studio though...