Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Wedding.

It's late...but I needed to write about today. I helped out with all three weddings...and I'm exhausted...hopefully we'll get the professional pictures soon, so that I can post them up...but today I got up at 6:am and made breakfast for Shilhi and I...we were going to need it. Then Shil and I went to Safeway [where I saw one of my lil preschoolers! :)] and got lunch for the crew and water and was going to be a LONG day.

We got to the studio and we did as much as we could. Shilhi was going to one wedding and I was going to another wedding. A lot of the arrangements could only be done at the site...but we did what we could. Shilhi and her crew left first. Then me and my crew left an hour later.

The wedding ceremony that I did was at this place called Secret Island on Kualoa Ranch. I don't think that I was ever so stressed out as much as I was on this wedding. I was told that I was going to have 2 hours to decorate the ceremony site. Basically the groom was going to provide a bamboo frame that shot up to 8 feet...and I was going to prettify it. I was a little upset when they didn't take me to the island until 20 minutes before the wedding was suppose to me 15 minutes to do a 2 hour arrangement! I have never done anything like this Shilhi had told me what she wanted it to look like and so forth...but I had to make decision on what it was going to look like. I tried to make it how the bride wanted it...and yet, keep it with the Passion Roots style while changing things up so that I can do something nice in 15 minutes.

I thought that we did an amazing job. At first it was only this guy Kaleb and I who was working on it...I'm so thankful that he was there...he took directions really good. I had to leave my sister and Desiree at the reception site after showing them what to do so that they can finish that...then these two volunteers [the groom is a teacher, so he had some of his students come to his wedding as volunteers or something] also helped, and I am so much thankful to them as well. After I did as much as I could for the ceremony I had to be brought back to the reception [which was not on the secret island] anymore and make sure things were okay there. I think my crew did a good job in-spite of the mis-communication about the time.

Then we had to hightail it out of there to help Shilhi finish the other wedding. This one was for a family friend of Shilhi...and I was suppose to meet one of my good friend [Redeem's] soon-to-be in-laws...but they never picked up their phone and so I never got to see them. But Shilhi did take some fast pictures before the reception thank you Shil, for the pictures!

Shilhi was also invited to this wedding so she stayed there for awhile while I Kaleb drove me and my sister back to the studio to do the arrangements for tomorrow...very long So much fun though...but now I must sleep so that I can go to work tomorrow without falling asleep in the middle of the day! *laughs*