Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sneak Peak: Tiare and Gary's Wedding.

Last July 10...I helped do a very creative and fun wedding at the Halekulani. It was a beautiful day...and it was a beautiful wedding. Tiare is a "huge Apple fan" [her words], however her husband likes OS better...and all through their relationship they would have "fights" and "competitions" on who's phone, computer, whatever is better.

When Gary proposed to her they joking said that they were going to put the Apple and Android as the cake topper on their cake.

From there they decided to have their whole wedding theme revolved around that! Apple vs. Android. When I first heard about it...and saw their invitation...I was kind of sketchy on how that would turn out...but let me tell you, it was a very beautiful wedding! The color was based around purple...and it was very elegant. Everywhere you can think of though, Apple vs. Android was embedded in it!

I worked Sunday on this wedding...and the next day I went to my day job where one of the preschoolers came up to me and said that he saw me. He was the bible bearer in Tiare and Gary's wedding! That made me smile.

KITV did a video on the wedding and you can view it here at Social Wire: An iPhone and Android Wedding. J.R. Bookwalter of Mac|Life also wrote an article about the wedding that you can read here called When Apple meets Android: Wedding of the Century?

I don't have the professional pictures yet, however, my boss did take some pictures and so here is a sneak peak of this beautiful wedding! Thank you to my boss Shilhi for the pictures!

Here is one of the table settings that was used. I think that it was a great idea that they had an "iPad" as seating charts! It was simple a black frame and they printed out the guest names for the tables on what looks like the contact view of an iPhone! And for the cute little Android for the table numbers! On the cupcakes that you can't really see is also the logo of of Apple and Android!

For the tree I just simple draped it lots of small crystal beads and placed green moss and purple Makara orchids. Beautiful, ya?!

Shilhi came up with this awesome piece for the head table. Basically we filled this really long rectangular vase halfway with water, dropped in some crystal with it and lit floating candles in it. Also in opened clear glass balls we had Makara orchid blossoms floating in them. We used bear grass to give it extra texture and draped matching crystal bead chains to connect the look with the center pieces.

Cute! :)

Their cute and fun cake!

Wrapped around the tree we fashioned copper gold wire into USB cords to fit with the Apple vs. Android theme!

The gorgeous bride Tiare with her beautiful bouquet!

One of the bigger pieces that we used at the ceremony.

Congratulations to Tiare and Gary! May you two have a fun life together filled with lots of laughter, smiles and friendly "competitions" over Apple vs. Android! :)