Saturday, August 6, 2011


Just the other night at my Ohana's house we were talking about how we really appreciate the Sabbath. How do people do it! Working seven days straight, with no break and no relaxation. Yeah, they might take a week off some time to relax...but before, work, work, work...that's just crazy! Today was a restful day. I went to Lanikai beach with Josh and my brothers when they got back home from church...and now I am just waiting for Shilhi to pick me up to go the studio to start on the flowers and decorations for the three coming up weddings that we'll be doing this coming up weekend. It's going to be crazy. But I just wanted to take the time to say that I really appreciate Saturdays...and I'm so glad that God was watching out for us when He gave us this day of rest. He knew that I, personally need this day.

So thank you Jesus for giving me this day of rest.