Saturday, August 27, 2011

Manana Beach and The Blind Side.

I love the beach. I so love the beach. Today we were suppose to go hiking to Muanawili Falls...and I was all ready. I had my hiking clothes over my bikini...and my shoes with my flippity flops in my backpack. So when my brothers got home from church, they would just change and then we would just leave.

My brothers came home, changed into their swimming trunks, took a look at me and asked, why do you have shoes on?! What!? Why do I have shoes on?! Yes, I know that there is a waterfall and swimming hole at the END of the hike, but I was not about to hike in slippas!

That's when they told me, the hiking was postponed and we were just going to Manana Beach. Was I going to complain?! No, I love the beach and I'm down to go to the beach at any time of any day...if I wasn't working. Sometimes I wish I can go even IF I was working! *laughs*

So it was me and my brothers, Tracy and Kaleo and Uilani. Aunty Bonnie and Uncle came afterwards...but we had fun..we swam out and just floated far out in the ocean. We played our usual fun games and we just enjoyed the water. It wasn't as clear as I liked it...and it tasted even that even a word?! Oh well, but it was fun. Kaleo said that the microscopic algae was making it look more green...but warmer. It was a lot warmer in the water than out of the water!
Picture taken by Neal of Manana Beach in Waimanalo
Then when we got home...I took a shower and rested...and while my sister and Neal went to meet with Mel to talk about her wedding plans, I watched The Blind Side. I love the movie! I really do. It broke my heart in the beginning and even in the end when they would talk about all the others that didn't make it...but I really liked the movie. And to think that it's based on a true story...I liked it a lot and yes, I would watch it again.