Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little people.

I came home from my preschool to find two "little people" at my house bombarding me with hugs and asking me, "Aunty, where is your project box?!" This morning my brother tells me that I'm babysitting today. Did I know that?! Uhm...no, I thought I was babysitting tomorrow...but my brother told me that it was going to be today AND tomorrow. He had picked them up from their grandma's place and brought them home so that I can watch them.

Thank goodness I always have my project box ready. But the thing is, I never used it. I played games with them instead...granted the movie Despicable Me was playing in the background. But they had brought a bagful of toys and games. I love these two kids so much. It sucks so much being away from "my" little love bugs that I left behind in California and no, I can never and will never replace them...but these little ones that I'm watching help ease the pain just a little bit. I can't wait until they meet. "My" little ones from California and "my" little ones here in Hawaii. I know that they would love each other...at least I hope so.

Anyways, I was playing with the little one when she put down the toy car she was driving around and said, "Aunty, can we pray for my mommy?" And I said, "yeah, sure..." And so she took time to pray for her mom. It was so sweet. And it made me smile. So, yes, I was super tired from working all day...but these little people that were waiting for me at home make my heart smile...and I have learned to "never regret anything that made you smile."