Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today I was pretty much frustrated all day. Mind you, I am not complaining here. I'm just stating that I am frustrated and then I am going to proceed to tell you why I am frustrated, but I am NOT complaining.

I'm frustrated because I was promised that I was going to work in this one classroom with this one person after I trained the new teacher and her aid. I'm frustrated because I had to train them... especially the aid because she has been here for awhile, and grated she never really stayed in the room 2 room, she still knows that schedule and how things run.

I'm frustrated because when I started, no one trained me...I had to do the whole trial and error thing and yes, get a "scolding" if I was in error and I didn't know.

I'm frustrated because when I had to switch classrooms, no one taught me the way it was in that classroom. I had to actually teach that class on my own since the girl who was there walked off and never came back! And then when the teacher came back [it was me an another aid when I was in there because the teacher was on a break or something...and that first day the aid walked out, leaving me alone with the kids] I had to get used to the way she did things and learn on my own how to do it.

I'm frustrated because whenever a classroom needs help, I always try to find a way to help them out...while being in my class...confused?! Yes, I know, try living it.

I'm frustrated because I keep getting promised different things and then it's not being delivered.

I'm frustrated because I was put in a different classroom and I didn't even know that I was suppose to be until this morning and I have never been in this room and even though I try to help out by taking the trash out or watching her children in the bathroom or something...I have never just been in there to know how things are and how her style of teaching is.

I'm frustrated because my boss and the teacher just expected me to know all these things that I didn't and I got a "scolding"...uhm...HELLO! Why doesn't someone help me out! I know that life isn't fair...but come on now, I am trying...

I'm frustrated because when I got back from my lunch break the teacher was gone and I was expected to know what to do now...I mean, yes, I can figure things out and do something that has the children in mind with learning...but I wish I was told that that was going to happen.

Today was a very frustrating day. I didn't like today. But it's's not all over. I'll be able to survive. I will smile.