Thursday, August 25, 2011


I know that the new teacher is having a hard time...and sometimes we go out for lunch just to talk. She is the teacher for the 2-year olds.... She's a military wife...young and super nice.

This is her first job teacher, and I think that she does an amazing job. I think that it's harder for her...if you knew her whole situation, and it doesn't help that her aid doesn't really help her out. In fact, not many of the other staff help her out...I try to do my best...but I can only do so much. And being there for her when she vents is one way.

Today we went to's just right down the street from where we work, and we got ourselves Caramel Fraps and just drank and talk and drank and talk. She has only been on the island less than a few months and she actually applied to be an aid...ended up being the I can only imagine her overwhelmed feeling...I try to talk to her as much as I can. She is really nice, and I hope that she makes it.

It was good just being able to relax and talk to her as a friend, not as a co-worker or an acquaintance, but as a friend. I think with years, I get more picky who I call my friend...and I'm not as out-going anymore. I've learned that a lot of people just care for themselves and just walk all over other people to get what they want....and since I know myself better, I try to stay from people like that since I tend to be a person pleaser. I have a good feeling about her, I hope she makes is.