Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of August.

Wow, this month went fast...although it seriously didn't seem like it! *laughs* But it really did go's funny how time goes like that. But yeah....

There were a lot of birthdays. A lot of good friend birthdays...and I didn't really realize just how many birthday there were this month until each day came and went...I hope all my friends had good birthdays. I miss them.

As for work...oh wow, this month was a struggle. I hope that next month is better. I mean, it wasn't too bad...but I felt like the days were going SOOO slow! Like there was NOTHING to look forward too at my work...super slow. I started going out for lunch with one of my co-workers...and I like those times. She is the new teacher and she is really nice...and I feel comfortable around her. She is not only a new teacher, but a new bride and just newly moved here! Wow..."new" a lot of things!

I've been swimming more too. So that is good. I have been going to the gym swimming at 6 in the morning. Yes, it's hard to wake let me take that back, it's NOT hard to wake's hard to GET UP...and yes there is a difference...but I have been noticing a difference with how I'm swimming...I think that I'm getting better...I think my strokes are better at least...I still need to work on swimming straight! I try...but it's just so hard! *laughs* Even with the lines on the bottom of the pool! :)

Well, it was a pretty fast month, but it wasn't it was yes...thank you Lord for giving me the experiences that I had this month...I hope the memories stay with me...