Monday, August 1, 2011

Beginning of August.

I can already tell that this month is going to be out of this world crazy like The Flight of the Bumblebee  x150 the speed! Never heard that song piece?! Well, it sounds like this:
Yep, that is how this month is going to be...hopefully it will speed on by and not be super long that it will seem like 3 months put into one with 3 months worth of things to do!! Oh my! Will I survive?! Will, I'm kind of excited to see where this month will bring me.

It's only the first day of this month and I'm a scrambling to keep up! *laughs* But I am determine to write more than I did last that is my first goal...write more consistently than I did last month. That in itself will be a challenge, but I can do this...I know it. :)

I got sick...super sick during last part of last month, so my body was trying to recover fast because I only let it get "sick" for one I had to reduce my swimming and Insanity time...because I needed to relax my body in at least that way. So I want to get up to speed with my workout times. I think that I'm doing pretty good...this cough is still bothering me...but I think that I'll be able to do my full hours at the Y and the full Insanity session again...hopefully.

School is going to be crazy. I'm super to be Nicole's aid again for the older 3 year olds...but since we got the new teacher and a new aid is going to be starting for the young 2 year olds...I am the who will be training them. I don't know how this is going to go, since I'll be training both of them. Honestly, why does that job have to fall to me?! I'm technically new myself...I know that I pick up fast...but come on now...since I've been here, I've trained like 4 people already...and I don't get a pay raise. I'm just and I suppose to be doing this?! I'm not complaining, because I really don't mind...but I have a feeling it's a whole nother "take me for granted" situation. I know that I'm good with what I do...and since I don't like to really show my feelings, I don't show that I'm frustrated...I'll do it...but for my salary, I can barely survive with one job so I need two. Not complaining there either since I got two VERY awesome jobs.

But I don't know when I'll be helping Nicole again, all I know is that I will soon. One day before this year is out..hopefully. I mean, my boss did promise me that. And I would like to know that I have a set room to know the routine. I did help clean up and arrange the 2 year old that was okay. But I hope things start to settle again...because even though life isn't fair, I would hope that at least my boss would treat me fairly.

Weddings, weddings, weddings and events! It's been crazy so far. First day and already we are ALL scrambling! Entertainment Today has decided to do this who "giving back" thingy where Kathy Ireland will be sponsoring and helping with the wedding of a lucky military couple who will get a dream wedding all paid for...and guess who is the lucky designers?! Yes, Passion Roots...and we don't get paid because we are "giving back". Not really sure what is going on with that one...I can't really do anything here because it's all the weekdays and it's during daytime that they will be prepping for this one. I have my day we'll see how that goes.

I have a few weddings that I'll be doing this month. On one weekend it's going to be THREE good luck with that one! I really hope that my boss is going to be okay, because seriously?! She is already having complications with her pregnancy...and I don't want her to get sick or something. She is a strong woman, so I have no question that she can do it mentally and emotion [you know those crazy hormones of pregnant woman! :)]...but physically, I hope her body doesn't break down on her! She is carrying another life in her! So I'm going to be helping her as much as I can. She isn't only my boss, but she is also a very good friend...and I love and adore her kids. So yes, I will go out of my way for her to help her.

This month, my bestie is having her birthday! Sucks that I can't be there with her...because I miss her so much and I know that she is going through a really tough time right now...but I know that she can do it. I just wish for her day I can be there for her to celebrate with her...I miss her SO much...oh wait, I said that already, but still, yes, I really do miss her a lot.

Another one of my good friends from the Philippines [but she's from Thailand, I just met her in the Philippines] is also going to be having her birthday this month. Distance sucks...all my really good friends are far from me. I miss this chica...she was one of my roomies/housemate while I went to school there...and we got really close. I know that we'll always be friends though...but I can't wait to see her again.

One of my baby nieces' birthday is this month too! Goodness all these birthdays! Again, distance sucks...and wait, I should call her baby she is getting so big isn't a baby anymore. I remember when she was a baby and when she was born and  use to hold her and feed her and play with her and watch her...and now she is in 1 grade I think it is?! Yeah, that seems about right. I miss her a lot.

This month we're also trying to figure out if we want to stay in this house that we are staying in now...more like a condo/duplex...or move somewhere else. I would like to stay in this side of the island...but it is the more expensive part of the island...and I don't want to move townside...but we'll see. Oh wow...that means that wow! By the end of this month, I have been living here for a year! My, how time flies. I love this place and I don't regret moving here at all...granted, I miss my little ones back at California...

Well, I must get ready for work now...Good luck to this month! May I survive with more memories and smiles than stress and "what if's"! :)