Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July.

Yay! For holidays! We didn't have school today because it's Independence Day...and good, because I really needed this break. This time last year I was in San Diego visiting my sister and her husband in Loma Linda. Hm...that didn't really make any sense...but yeah, I drove down with my brother to Loma Linda to spend 4th of July with them, and we all drove down to San Diego. That was a fun time for me. I ray of sunshine in a really hard time in my life.

Today we woke up really early, well, at least I woke up at drove to Ko'Olina to go snorkeling. I know that a lot of people think that I've gone snorkeling before...and I kind of have...but not intentionally. Meaning, I was swimming in the ocean with goggles on...and it was like snorkeling...but not. This was my first time actually planning to go snorkeling and the whole day...well, not whole day, but the "main attraction" was to go snorkeling.
I like Ko'Olina. Kind of far to drive...we left the house at got there like 35 minutes later [yes, that is far on this island!]. But I've done a few weddings there...and it's beautiful. The lagoon where we chose to go snorkeling is man-made and super safe. When I first got in the water it wasn't the best water that I've been in here in first "complaint"'s so murky...! Then I swam out further and it was beautiful. Not as colorful coral-wise, but sea-animal wise...beautiful! So many fish and what-not. I didn't get to see a turtle...but if we had gone to a different lagoon, we would have...but I did see a lot of octopus and colorful fish--I don't know their names! Oh, we saw the humu humu nuku nuku āpuaʻa, the angelfish, the...uhm...uhm....prettyfish?! :) That's all I can name...but there were a lot of beautiful fish! I'm definitely going to go snorkeling more often. 

I love living here. When I go swimming in the Queen's...people do go there for snorkeling...but I go to there to swim...but when I think about it, yes, I see many fish there too...beautiful fish there. I hope I never take the for granted. And I think God for giving me reason to move here. I love it. No regrets.
We were pau before lunch. But it was so worth it. When I asked my friends if they were going to the beach for 4th of July, they ask me if I'm crazy...coz it's jampacked like non-other. The beaches are "The Spot" when it comes to holidays...but I like Ko'Olina because it's like a resort, inclosed place...and so there is a gatehouse that turns people always when there is too many when we got there super early, we were let in...and there wasn't that many people there at the beach. It was perfect...but I guess living here, we don't really ever stay at the beach for a full day. So a couple hours its good for us at most. 

We got home...and it was juss lunch time, so we all showered and did our thing and then my brothers' and I went to go see Transformers III!!! I love Transformers! I really do. And this one didn't disappoint. Granted, I'm a big fan of the new girl...or the storyline that much..[not really bad though]...but drool over the action scenes though. I loved it. I didn't see it in 3D though. I don't really like 3D...but oh, I loved. Kind of long though...well, not kind was I do feel bad for those around me; I can't sit still for long periods of time...but I liked it on the whole. 

Yes, today was a good day. I loved today. Now I have to mentally prepare myself to work tomorrow. Nothing to complain about though...I love my job. OH! How can I forget...yesterday I went with my sister to sign up at the YMCA...and so tomorrow morning I'll be going swimming everyday. It'll be different since I haven't swam in a pool since I came here to Hawaii...I guess living near the ocean spoils me...but I hate swimming alone and so swimming in the ocean at is out of the question. But this week will be a good week. 

"There is no such thing as automatic doors...just gentlemen ninjas."---this quote so makes me smile! :)