Sunday, July 31, 2011

G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Oh okay, I know that my last post up here was about a movie too...but yes, I finally saw G. I. Joe...and yes Channing Tatum is the hottest ever! Oh my goodness..yes, he is [one of] my eye candy! *laughs* Hey, what?!  A girl can have her own collection of  "eye candy", right?! Don't tell me that you guys don't have your share of "eye candy." Well, whatever...I have my own collection of "eye candy" and yes, Channing is up there.

Things were too busy this month...but I promise next month I will keep up with my least better than I did this month. SO MUCH has happen this month it was crazy! But for now, let me give you my thoughts on the movie G. I. Joe.

I don't know why I didn't see it before. I was so busy this month that my brother have to tempt me with these good movies to watch that they know that would like just to get me to actually "relax"...if watching a movie is relaxing...well, you know, I think it is...even though I do have to think a lot and process a lot of information...yes, I do ask a million question when it comes to movies...but that's okay...I liked this movie. I heard that it didn't really have high "them"...who?! "Them"...but I liked it.

It sounds like Channing was country sounding least to me, but I still liked it. The fighting scenes were nice...and where can I get an outfit like that?! I wanna run faster! Jump higher...FIGHT better! They came up with some really nice gear.

I was sad though about the brother...aww...why didn't he just turn himself in...yeah, I guess it is true the greed is the middle of all evil...but seriously, really?! He did all this because he wanted to be the top dog?! For crying out loud...his sister...she was hurting so much and he hurt her ever more! Turning her against the one she loved. I'm glad that she came to her senses at the end...before it was too late...but really...was that really worth it. I loved the fighting scenes though...

My brother told me that they were going to come out with another yay! I hope that they do...and yes, I will see it. I don't know what took me so long to see this one. My brother bought the blue ray of it and said that he was 100% sure that I would like the movie...and he was so right...I'm glad that he got it coz I would so see it again.