Sunday, July 24, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

So, I know that I haven't been writing a lot...but things have been SO chaotic that I come hope late, wake up too early and I don't even have time to sit down to update my blog! Boo! I'm sick...but don't tell that to K.Neal...I always tell him that I have "allergies." *laughs* But I know that I'm actually sick only because tomorrow will be my "allergies." No, I'm really serious. I hate being sick, so therefore, I am NOT sick...but only for today.

I actually had "nothing" planned...actually, I did have stuff planned, but then my brother's said that they wanted to watch Captain American and I had really wanted to see it, and so I saw it...go screw what "needed" to be done today...I made it up...but being sick, I couldn't even sit though the movie. Don't get me wrong, the guy...Chris Evans...oh, his body is to die for. He was/is SO beautiful in the the guy...but he steps into that magical machine and they do "magic" to him...and wow, out comes this beautiful guy.

But seriously, really?! Really?! Instead of using him how they should have used him at first, they used him in Broadway shows...?! Really?! No, really?! Why?! That was dumb move...but I'm glad that he at least got to his senses and did what he had to do. When the movie was over...I asked/told my brother..."I could BARELY sit still...was that like a five hour movie?!"

I can barely sit still as it is, but if it's something catches my attention...*cough*Chris Evans *cough*...I can sit still...but not this movie...I'm guess like 1/4th of the way, I was thinking oh, it's going to be a fast climax and them bam! It's almost over...but it went on forever and ever and ever! What was going on?! I don't know...but it was going forever I know that.

Did I like it?! Yeah, I'm a sucker for those kind of super hero movies...was it too long?! Not really...but kinda...I mean, I could barely sit still...maybe it was the fact that I was sick...but really?! Maybe?! Maybe not...Can I wait for the next one to come out?! No...I want to see it.

My thoughts on the ending though?! Breaks my heart how he wakes up decades later...he missed his date. If I was that heart would have been probably was. I mean, mine was...and I'm not even her.