Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding Ideas.

I love looking up wedding stuff. Inspiration...for my future wedding and for ideas for when I work on a wedding. Working in the wedding industry designing weddings is so much fun...you get to use your creative juices and you get to help a brides "dream come true." Anyways, here are some inspiration pictures that I found...mainly things I would think about in my future wedding. *laughs* But who knows...when the time comes I might change my mind again. *laughs*...but I do like these ideas.

 I would LOVE to have a candy tree like this! If not for the wedding reception then for the engagement party or bridal shower or something. I do have a sweet tooth and I'm a sucker for sweets...and I love how it kind of is child-like. Looking at it, it looks time-consuming to make...but I think that it would be fun...and it would make a neat centerpiece if not a favor tree...or something to be near the guest table signbook thingy. *laughs*

Pink roses are definitely a must at my wedding. Yes they are. I love pink roses...it is one of my top favorite flowers...I know that these are aren't garden roses...but I would love to have pink garden roses in my wedding as well a pink/white spray roses...but yes, roses and pink is a definite for me.


I love shiny and things that catch the light...so crystal is a go for me. I think that it would catch the light nicely whether it was in broad daylight of by candle light for a evening wedding.

I did a wedding similar to this layout...but not quite...but I do love the shells in the vase. I love shells and I think this is a pretty way to have the shells without it being a too beachy themed wedding. I also do like the floating candle with the orchid in it. My sister had that at her wedding but with a darker orchid I think. But yes, I like this idea.

Disco balls! I love!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pink disco balls! I love how disco balls catch the light and throw out shiny on the walls...it's beautiful! In fact I have a few disco balls up in my room right now...*laughs* I would love some of these at my wedding reception...

Since I love children, I would have [in my dream wedding] a children corner for them and I would have a fun cake like this for them to enjoy. :)

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I love Mint Chocolate anything! OoooHHhHh...it's my favorite like whoa! *laughs* So, this would be somewhere up in there in my wedding.

I think that chinese lanterns/ball thingys are nice...It adds a different kind of "texture" to the atmosphere...it would be a pain to put up and stuff...but it's cute idea non-the-less.

I think that these would be simple to make and it looks really nice...especially for an outside wedding/reception.

No matter what color you would want this in...I think that this is beautiful!! Wow, this is beautiful! :)

Easy enough to do...and cute...especially for picture like this. :)

Well, that is it for now...but for sure...that these wedding inspirational are not over! :)