Sunday, May 1, 2011

This picture made me smile super big when I saw it! 
Oh, what was wrong with today?! Nothing...but wow, I'm so tired! My body feels so it's hard for me to get myself to do something. Mentally, I want to get up and do something...but my body is just so heavy. And usually when I finish with all my cardio workout I know I take like an hour recovery nap...but this time I nearly went to sleep for three hour and even then to push myself to get up was a struggle! Yeah, I know that I deny that I'm sick...but maybe, just, it IS allergies...that is all...but why does my body feel so heavy?!

I skipped out on running today because I didn't think that I could do both swimming and running today...but swimming was a struggle too. Not as least when I was swimming my nose cleared up! *laughs* I know that it would have done that if I chose to run instead...but I will always choose to swim if I had to choose between the two. I hate running...but I need to do cardio to get rid of all this unwanted weight! I do have to say I miss dancing...I'm not the greatest dancer...but it sure is a good cardio...but I think staying up all night long dancing is not good. *laughs* Oh the life of college and then some. :)
I really do miss my kitty, Precious...he looked like this as a kitten.
Kaleo was still sick today...poor guy, three weeks straight and he has been sick. He sounded worst today, I told him that he should get checked out to get antibiotics incase it has turned into an infection or something. His wife texted me this morning saying that she won't be able to run and swim, she has to work! I sure do love my weekends...they are a break from the chaoticness of the week. I'm glad that she had Friday off though.

Usually after all the swimming and running...we go out to have breakfast...but more than half our group was gone [my sister and her husband are still in Cali, Tracy is working] and Kaleo wasn't feeling to well and so went home right after we "landed on shore" from our swimming...and I was famished...but I was craving Saigon Noodles House down the road from where we I told my brother that I will suck it up, and just hold back my hunger and do our "town errands" first...then go home to eat.

One thing that I do miss about Cali is the fact that I use to live super close to Walmart. We didn't have to think about going there...we just went. Here we live on the other side island from the closest Walmart...and I don't really like going "into town" and so it was good that for my Sunday's workout we go to I was able to stop by. I think the last time I was in Walmart was *thinks back* January?! Yeah...I kind of miss that store. *laughs*
I wonder...really?! Hm...makes me wonder...
I got pictures printed out for my sister's huge picture frame collage that I got her for her birthday. I intentionally left some places blank for her to put the pictures that she wants up...I don't even know if she would like the pictures I printed out...oh least that's done...and I finally got myself a watch...I'm not really a big fan of wearing a watch...but I really need one for work. It's good to know the know the transitions of whateverness...I do wonder where all the watches I had are. I use to collect watches...I don't know where those watches are anymore...That's one thing about moving a lot...makes me sad...oh well, can't really think of that right now.

Goodness me! This Avril Lavigne What the Hell song is sooo in my head right now! Since this morning...and yes, I am listening to it right now...*laughs* but yeah..."All I want right now is to mess around...all my life i've been good...but now...what the hell..." It's a fun song to dance and sing with. :)

"The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had."- Anon.