Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Senses: Memories.
I am a firm believer that your senses hold memories. Smelling a scent an trigger long ago memories of a family dinners and yearly camping  trips. Seeing your childhood home brings forth memories of playing with the neighborhood children, waiting for the ice-cream truck to roll on by. Hearing an old song on the radio evokes memories of a long lost heartbreak. Feeling a certain thing in the air brings feelings of nostalgia of hot summer days lazing at the beach or running through the sprinklers.

I had homemade pizza bread, blackberries and watermelon these past few days and forgotten memories of long ago came rushing back. Pizza bread has always been one of my favorite childhood foods. Whenever I would have friends over or even when I would have a lazy family day somehow pizza break would be involved. A few days ago when I made myself a pizza bread with french bread, pizza sauce and cheese, I remember my mom in the kitchen making pizza bread for us children. She would always make some Filipino dish for the adults, us children wouldn't touch it because it had the "yucky" vegetables in it, so pizza bread it was. What I wouldn't give to see my mom in the kitchen making pizza bread right now. I miss her so much.
Yesterday, I got home super hungry so I opened the refrigerator to see what I could eat and there was a fruit basket full of fresh blackberries. Being a berry-lover, I dumped some in a bowl and washed it for my after work snack. As I bit into the first one, I was mentally and emotionally transported back to my family's yearly camping trip to Redwood Camp Meeting in California. There would be bushes full of ripe berries...and my dad and I would go and pick some every day so that we can bring them back to camp and eat them. They were so fresh and so juice...I miss those times. We would go to these camp meetings and the whole camp ground was our playground. The friends that I made there, the fun that I had there, the memories that I have them still bring a smile to my face when I think about the times there.
My sister was craving watermelon the other day and she had bought one and it was there, sitting in our refrigerator taking up all the space. It was funny coz she asked me, do you want some?! I said, no...I wasn't really feeling it...but when she cut it...I cut myself a little sliver...and *laughs* I was like...YUMMY!!! OMG!!! THIS IS SOOOO YUMMY! I ended up eating two fat slices of it. I remember clearly the first time my dad let me carry the watermelon in the house. This was at my childhood house...and I had really wanted to carry my dad helped me pick it up from the back of the car...and I was barely ten feet away when I dropped it...*laughs* I was so sad that my dad brought me back to Food 4 Less and we picked out another one...and this time I rolled it into the house. *laughs* Oh, I miss my daddy. So much...I miss him.

Yeah...memories. I think they are the best souvenirs of life. Something you'll [hopefully] always have.

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."-From the television show The Wonder Years