Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Sabbath.

So yesterday was a pretty cool day. It was Mother's Day Sabbath, and yes, I teared because I don't have my mommy with me. I miss her so much, but I admire her because she did give up EVERYTHING to become a medical missionary in the Philippines. I thought that would only happen in these Adventist Magazines that they publish monthly, not to my parents...but yeah, they left and oh goodness, I miss them something awful.

Sometimes it makes me feel bitter that I don't have my parents to call on...literally since I have no way to communicate with them. It's the worst feeling, but when I think about what they have to sacrifice everyday, I am just plain proud of them, with no bitterness attached. But yeah, for Mother's Day, I am sad since I can't spend it with my mommy...but that didn't stop me from staying up late making flower bouquets for [most] all the mother's at the Waimanalo SDA church! And waking up early to dress them and help my sister make cookies for them.

I knocked out afterwards though and I get waked up by my sister telling me to get ready...we're going to eat lunch at Shabu Shabu in Honolulu! I love that place. It was the first place that we ate out with our friends Tracy and Kaleo...and it's so yummy. I would link it, but there are a lot of Shabu Shabu houses here in Hawaii...basically what it is is, you buy the broth...different kinds of broths...and then there is a refrigerator with a lot of different meats and vegetables and noodles and stuff and while the broth is cooking in front of you, you add the other stuff that you want to add. It seriously the broth that makes it. So yummy! I love it.
After that we went to Tracy and Kaleo's house and chilled there and tried to figure out what movie we wanted to see. Either Thor or Fast and Furious 5. We ended up watching Thor, and yes I did like it. He is so hot! *laughs* My brother who is so technical when it comes to movie was telling me that that was not how it happened, but I don't care. I liked it. Would I see it again?! Yeah, I would...but if I didn't, I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again. I know that I'll eventually see Fast 5 sometime...maybe when it comes out.

I love spending time with friends. I love the friends that I have made here. I really do. I love it here...and yeah, I like it here. *laughs*

"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things."-Author Unknown